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DTM rule changes 2015: This is how the DTM wants to become more attractive

DTM rule changes 2015
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D he DTM is doing like Formula 1 in terms of TV ratings More and more viewers either stay away from the television or zap through other programs. While the audience rating scratched the two million mark a decade ago, it was only an average of 1.09 million in 2014.

DTM with new racing format

To counter the negative trend , the DTM marketer ITR, rights holder ARD and the manufacturers got together with the aim of making the DTM more attractive again. Or as ITR boss Hans Werner Aufrecht puts it: 'The races have to be decided on the steering wheel and not on the computer and certainly not on the green table.'

During the meetings, the DTM has some weak points in terms of technology and sporting regulations that have been sorted out for 2015. On the one hand, the option tires are shipped to the building yard. In the coming year, tire manufacturer Hankook will only supply one type of rubber. This should make the races more understandable again. Especially for spectators who do not watch from the start but only switch on during the course of the race.

On the other hand, and that is the most important change, the DTM is tackling its racing format. Instead of one run, there will be two races per weekend in 2015. A total of 18 runs, each of which will be scored according to the old scheme. Although the race on Saturday will only last 40 minutes (plus one lap), the Sunday event will last over an hour (plus one lap). Another difference: a visit to the pit lane is only compulsory on Sunday.

What else has changed? We'll show you that in our big photo show for the 2015 DTM season.

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