DTM: David Coulthard on his DTM debut

DTM: David Coulthard on his DTM debut
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D he comparison with the former Formula 1 -Pilots who have switched to the DTM are obvious. And it wasn't easy for a Mika Häkkinen or a Ralf Schumacher at the beginning of their DTM career. David Coulthard also knows that Formula 1 cannot be compared with the DTM. 'There is no comparison except that you drive on the racetrack,' says Coulthard. 'If someone is good at tennis, they don't automatically win all squash games. Maybe they could because there is a racket and a ball, but it's a different challenge. It's the same industry, but you use different things Tools to achieve the goal. '

The test drives went well for Coulthard

Coulthard's new tool this season is the Mercedes C-Class from the 2008 vintage. He made his first driving tests with it at the official DTM test in Valencia, Spain. He made a strong impression on his fellow drivers. Audi driver Mattias Ekström and his brand colleague Ralf Schumacher rate the newcomer's achievements quite strongly. Coulthard himself still stacks deep. 'My goal is to learn while smiling. Because it is important that driving is fun. In the beginning I will drive around the back. But I will try to move forward.'

With all modesty But of course, the ambition at Coulthard is also noticeable.
'Of course I'm ambitious,' says Coulthard. 'If it weren't for me, I wouldn't accept the new challenge. My ambition is to drive in a new series with new challenges. It will be difficult at the beginning. People think that you as an ex Formula 1 driver will also be in DTM car are fast. But it takes time to get used to it. '

The problem will be qualifying

He has already made initial inquiries with his fellow drivers caught up. Coulthard had already chatted about the DTM with Ekström at the Race of Champions. 'Everyone says that in the DTM it is a great challenge to drive to the limit,' says Coulthard. 'There is the aerodynamics, which is rather untypical for a touring car and which is closer to what I have done so far. The tires will also be a big challenge. Frankly, qualifying was never my forte, but my races were pretty good strong The maximum from the tires in qualifyinggetting out of it will probably be the most difficult for me. '

In addition to all the concerns, Coulthard also sees a decisive advantage in the DTM. He can finally reconcile his job with family life.' Family life is fantastic, 'knows the father of a son. 'My family will also be in Hockenheim. In the DTM, you can have great races on the track and involve the family on the track. '


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