DTM: Commentary on the radio scandal

Comment on the radio scandal
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W doesn't he like to dress sporty? A dash of dynamism even adorns the undynamic, lending shine and credibility. Or in the words of the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk: 'Sport is related to everyday life like the sacred to the profane.' The sacred cow in German racing is called DTM, this is where the true spirit of sport reigns, that's how it is sold to us. The Siegfriede of Audi, BMW and Mercedes fight knightly for laurels, honor - and a dynamic image.

Manufacturers are at the center of the DTM

The DTM has had the image since the Spielberg run experience a certain de-dynamization. The highest authority at Audi-Platz, head of sport Wolfgang Ullrich, instructed his subordinate Timo Scheider on the very last lap of the race to ram one or, better still, two Mercedes opponents. 'Timo, push him out!' One of them was the championship leader, what a coincidence, now an Audi driver is leading - a good coincidence.

The radio message is as unquestionable as Scheider's maneuver, as the stewards were able to determine perfectly based on the data. The heartless radio message got the series attention, with loud lashes and the tenor of surprise and indignation, the DTM pig was driven through all the villages.

What surprised me was that everyone was surprised. The DTM does not have the reputation of being a drivers' championship in the classic sense, where the free forces of sport are unbridled. The focus is on the manufacturers, they command and announce, because they pay. Anyone who invests 50 million a year should be able to explain to the board of directors what for. There are clear indicators: victories and titles.

DTM isolated and unworldly

In addition, the DTM is a very own planet: factory sport, not regulated and controlled by FIA, ACO or other little guys, but finely self-controlled. You write your own regulations and check them yourself - in the John Wayne style. That explains a certain isolation and unfamiliarity.

On the one hand, you wallow in the glamor of sportiness, but there are many aspects of the DTM that are not credible. Criticism is not taken seriously, even if you bend your own rules, as last year, when Mercedes technically reached into the toilet with the DTM new car, the regulations were quickly pushed aside - and the Swabians were allowed to add more.

HereThe credo has always been: you have nothing to do with bells and whistles like BOP and vehicle classifications, you are strict and stringent, there are rules that always apply to everyone! No politics - instead real racing!

That is just one example of why I believe that the DTM is not sporty credible. The list could be extended to include many examples of team orders or unauthorized influence on the course of the race (which were also punished), or the latest suspicion of fraud at BMW. Maybe that's why I'm not surprised now. Can manufacturers who tacitly organize themselves in a series even be credible?

The DTM is organized motorsport. As long as nobody notices, Luzie walks. It's just stupid when someone (who actually?) Leaves the radio channel open and quotes like 'Timo, push him out!' Flow smoothly into the live coverage. And of course the radio message symbolizes the angry grimace of the works sport, especially since the instruction came from the head of sport himself - a representative of the DTM generals.

Will the DTM change now? No. The primary goal is not racing, but marketing. The approach has been turned around for so long that it has moved a long way away from racing. Sportiness is the pretty garb in which the DTM dresses. It's just stupid when the skirt slides up.


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