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DTC is celebrating a comeback in 2022: information, pictures and prices

In 2022 the German Touring Car Challenge (DTC) will celebrate its comeback with a new technology concept. During a presentation day at the Salzburgring, initial information was given and possible vehicles were shown. The date for the premiere race has already been set.

The key data of the DTC, revived in a modern adaptation, had been known for a long time. As early as September, Motor Presse Stuttgart, as organizer and promoter of the series, laid down the cornerstones of the regulations. According to this, mass-produced vehicles with at least four seats, a maximum of 250 hp and 350 Nm with a power-to-weight ratio of at least 5 kg/hp are used. A close proximity to series production is required – both technically and visually.

As part of a kick-off event at the Salzburgring, further details have now been revealed. At a press conference in front of around 50 guests, including representatives from industry, racing teams and of course the media, the date for the premiere race was announced, among other things. Accordingly, it will start on the weekend of June 10th to 12th, 2022 at the Salzburgring. The remaining five race weekends are to take place as part of the ADAC Racing Weekends and once as part of the ADAC GT Masters. The final race calendar will be fixed in the coming weeks.

As expected, there will be a classic sprint format, with around two and a half hours of track time per race weekend, divided into two free practice sessions, two qualifying sessions and two races of 30 minutes each. Anyone who registers by December 31 pays 9,900 euros, after that until the registration deadline (March 31) 10,900 euros.

There are some refinancing options for this. A race win brings 1,000 euros in prize money, and the driver with the most points over the weekend also gets a set of tires from partner Hankook. Currently three ratings are fixed (drivers, teams and juniors). A fourth rating for gentlemen drivers could be added if there is sufficient demand.

Mass sport with series technology

On the technical side, the entry hurdle is set as low as possible. Vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta ST or Hyundai i20 N, which produce around 200 hp in the series, can largely drive with series technology, for example in the turbocharger, engine control and transmission.

However, safety-relevant parts such as a cage, safety tank or fire extinguishing system are obligatory. Even a completely rebuilt car can be realized for less than 50,000 euros. For this purpose, certain existing racing vehicles can be adapted with manageable effort.

If you don't have a suitable standard vehicle or simply want to install more racing technology, you can also use a racing gearbox with a specified ratio or an upgrade turbocharger specified by the DTC. The resulting differences in performance are to be compensated for by special specifications for motor mapping.

When it comes to chassis technology, a very tight corset is also specified. The basic suspension parts must correspond to the series, only two-way dampers are allowed, there is a limitation on the camber values ​​and a minimum ground clearance. This should result in a homogeneous field despite the different strengths and weaknesses of the vehicles.

DTC allows freedom in the drive

On the engine side, engines of the same brand and from the same company can also be used, provided they comply with the engine regulations. The Niedertscheider Motorsport team is planning to build a Peugeot 208 of the current generation according to DTC regulations, but due to the lack of a currently suitable engine, to use that of the previous generation of the 208 (GTi). How the car would look from the outside was already shown at the Salzburgring.

Also on site were Engstler Motorsport with a Hyundai i20 N, Schiessling Racing with a Renault Clio R.S. IV Cup, Wolf Racing with a modified road-going Ford Fiesta ST and Razoon Racing with a full production Toyota GR Yaris. The Austrian team aims to convert the vehicle to two-wheel drive and throttle the engine accordingly.

With this, the range of possibilities that the DTC covers with its technical regulations has already been shown very extensively. "This strong performance by the DTC, right from the first presentation, underlines how well the idea of ​​a new mass sports series for touring cars is being received," said Normann Broy, who will also be taking over series management at the same time after the IDM.

The great interest in the presentation and the lively discussions that followed underline how much the semi-professional racing scene has struck a chord between classic popular sport and professional sport (such as the TCR), especially in the touring car sector there is a big gap.

Further information for interested teams and drivers can be requested via the central email address dtc@motorpresse.de .


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