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DSK at the Essen Motor Show 2010 under the sign of the Count

Rossen Gargolov
DSK at the Essen Motor Show 2010
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V from November 27th to November 5th December 2010, everything that has rank and name in the motorsport and tuning world meets again in Essen. At the Essen Motor Show - the fair for motorsport, tuning and sporty vehicles. As always, the DSK plays a key role and has given its motorshow appearance this year under a very special motto.

DSK dedicates trade fair appearance to Graf Berghe von Trips

On the occasion of the death of DSK co-founder Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips on September 10th 2011 marks the 50th anniversary, the DSK will put its trade fair appearance this year under the sign of the Count. After all, it was a small group of car and motorsport enthusiasts around Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips who founded the DSK in 1958.

The goal: more safety in motorsport. With the first ambulance on a racetrack at the beginning of the seventies, the DSK set standards, because what is customary today at every slalom event was anything but normal back then.
The commitment has not changed to this day, even if the current one Safety standards are worlds away from those of that time and can no longer be compared with those of yore. But despite all the progress. There is always room for improvement. In addition, the DSK is committed to the same goals - then as now -: It promotes popular sport, is a critical observer of sports sovereignty and has been doing consistent environmental work for many years.

The DSK is committed to the issue of safety a

When the DSK was founded, however, safety was not yet an issue in racing. But the Count's popularity as a Formula 1 star helped to sensitize the public to this topic for the first time in the few years that remained after the founding. And it is precisely for this reason that this year's appearance at the Essen Motor Show is dedicated to Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips. Because the work that was initiated by him and his colleagues at the time is being continued by the DSK to this day.

As last year, members and interested parties can find the DSK stand in Hall 6 (Stand 515) . And as usual, well-known motorsport enthusiasts will meet there throughout the entire fair to discuss their sport, its past and its future. In addition, inHall 7 can see even more action on the indoor track than in previous years - an absolute must for every visitor.

Discount for DSK members

And for the members the tickets are of course discounted again. Instead of 15 euros you only have to pay 13. Very important: bring your DSK membership card, only then will you get the discount - but for the first time also at all ticket booths.


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