Dispute over the new DTM turbo engine in the DTM

Mercedes blocks turbo engine for 2017
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E Actually everything had been clear for months: The The timetable stipulated that the veteran naturally aspirated V8 engines would have had their day at the end of 2016. In 2017, modern four-cylinder turbo engines with a displacement of two liters were to be used. Targeted power: almost 650 hp, almost 200 hp than before. But now everything is completely different.

Turbo engine should not come in the DTM until 2019

Mercedes has stopped developing the turbo DTM car for 2017 for the time being. This was confirmed by a person in charge of the matter. Internally one argues at Mercedes 'with the too high costs of the turbo'. Some technicians cannot understand this: 'The development of the four-cylinder is almost finished. These costs have already been incurred,' says an insider.

Mercedes sports director Toto Wolff declines: 'We are of the opinion that the entertainment value of the DTM does not change significantly with the introduction of a new engine, but the costs do. That is why we try to present alternative scenarios together with the other two manufacturers. '

At a secret meeting, representatives from Audi, BMW and Mercedes have now apparently agreed to postpone the introduction of the turbo engine by two years to the beginning of 2019. In view of the desired close cooperation including a common technical basis with the Japanese GT Championship, this is a major setback, because turbo engines have been used there for two years. No problem for Wolff: 'We do not intend to change the turbo idea. At best, postpone it.'

DTM insiders think it is possible that Mercedes has started the dispute over the engine in order to prepare for the exit from the series. Sports director Toto Wolff firmly rejects such speculations: 'On the contrary. Mercedes wants to stick with it. And for this we are developing new visions with the two other manufacturers.'


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