Dakar Rally 2015: Motorcyclists found dead

Paola Picone
Dakar Rally 2015
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A on the third day of the Dakar Rally, the organizers had the first death announce. Michal Hernik was found dead next to his motorcycle around 3:30 p.m. The helmet was next to the driver. The Pole started the Dakar rally for the first time. After the second stage he was in 84th position.

Cause of death still unknown

Whether the 39-year-old is up died as a result of a fall or possibly from exhaustion, was not known in the evening. The fact is: yesterday's second day of the rally with a special stage of more than 500 kilometers was one of the toughest in the 36-year history of the rally. On the one hand because the slopes were extremely difficult, on the other hand because the temperatures were well over 40 degrees.

In the last two years, too, one motorcyclist had died at the Dakar rally. In 2014, the Belgian Eric Palente died of exhaustion in the scorching heat of Argentina. In 2013, the French Thomas Bourgin lost his life in a collision with an oncoming police car in the Chilean Andes.


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