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Dakar 2015 Blog 8: Is the organizer complicit in the Roma accident?

Dakar 2015 Blog 8
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N ani Roma and Michel Perin had the with their Mini Day stage from Iquique to Calama won. So the black Mini had to start first on the following day, when it went from Calama in Chile to Salta in Argentina. Then it continues every two minutes. That's what the rules say.

But whoever approaches a special stage first on the slopes is at a disadvantage. 'You normally don't win the day's ranking first because the others follow your trail of dust and catch up,' says Nasser Al-Attiyah. But the 'Road-Opener' has another disadvantage: it is, so to speak, the guinea pig for the reliability of the road book, the only permitted orientation aid for the drivers.

Inadequate road book

On the stage to Salta, the road book left a lot to be desired.' There were a lot of danger spots drawn that didn't exist, 'complained Konstantin Zhiltsov, the experienced navigator in the Mini of the Russian Vladimir Vasilyev. 'There were no other dangerous places.' Other drivers also confirmed this accusation to the organizer ASO (Amaury Sport Organization). One of these unrecorded places was Roma fatal: The Spaniard crashed into his Mini a hole and overturned several times.

'This hole was about one and a half meters wide and half a meter deep,' reported Roma. 'We were shot in fifth or sixth gear. It couldn't be seen and there was nothing in the road book, as it was on the seven kilometers before. 'The Mini rolled two or three times, Roma couldn't say that afterwards. Co-driver Michel Périn ran to warn the following drivers. Roma is Sure: 'Otherwise Nasser would have overturned too.'

Roma and Périn made it to the stage finish a few hours late, but because they missed too many checkpoints, they were disqualified. That was it The end of a disastrous rally for the Spaniard: On the first day, he lost seven hours due to a defective oil pump.

The hard work of the X-Raid mechanics, who worked on the Mini with eight men until dawn , was for the cat. Roma was annoyed: 'Why didn't the organizers tell us in advance that we were out. Then the boys could have slept. ”

Sainz with multiple somersaults

Carlos Sainz, the otherprominent Dakar Spaniards in the car class, continued his black streak. After serious accidents in the VW Race-Touareg in 2010, in which his copilot Michel Périn broke his shoulder, as well as a robust rollover in the SMG buggy on a liaison stage last year, his race ended again this time after a bad accident. This time he destroyed his Peugeot 2008 DKR in a multiple somersault. Sainz and Co Lucas Cruz crawled out of the wreck unharmed.

'I was behind a quad in the dust and overlooked a rock,' was the Spaniard's lame apology. Sainz had already cemented his dubious reputation as a crash pilot on the second day when he took a motorcyclist by the horns in an obviously reckless overtaking maneuver.


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