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Dakar 2010 - Stage 12: Volkswagen continues to think twice

Dakar 2010 - 12th stage
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D amit now Carlos Sainz has his lead back to 5.20 Minutes to Al-Attiyah. Miller follows in third place overall, 28.12 minutes behind. A successful day for VW, considering that the first three places in the daily standings and in the overall standings are taken by VW.

'Fabulous - the fight at the top remains even after around 7,500 kilometers still exciting, 'said VW sports director Kris Nissen. 'Carlos and Lucas made up a lot of time in the first section, then Nasser and Timo hit back again. We'll have to wait until Buenos Aires on Saturday to know how this fight will end. But I have the best hope that the winner the Dakar Rally will sit in a Volkswagen Race Touareg again. '

12. Stage was the longest stage of the Dakar Rally

At 476 kilometers, the twelfth stage of the day was the longest stage of the rally, during which 130 kilometers had been neutralized as planned. The reason was to bypass a nature reserve on paved roads. In the middle of the stage from San Juan to San Rafael it looked like Sainz /Cruz might pull away, but on the second, sandy section Al-Attiyah reduced his deficit to 52 seconds by the end of the stage.

'The stage was fast, with impossible sections,' said the Qatar. 'The car sometimes drove on four wheels, sometimes on three and sometimes only on two. In some places the track had an incline that I had never seen before. I didn't lose much time. It was a good day. Me I'm in a great mood for tomorrow. I'm actually in a very good mood. '

Due to the huge number of local fans, the finish of the rally has been brought forward by six kilometers You can find out about the Dakar Rally in our Dakar Rally Special.


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