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Dakar 2010 - 11th stage: Al-Attiyah is catching up on Sainz again

Dakar 2010 - 11th stage
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C arlos Sainz lost a lot of his lead, because he had two creeping flat feet and had to change them and he lost an air scoop. Al-Attiyah benefited from this and made up 5.38 minutes. This means that the close battle at the top starts a new round. This will be particularly interesting on tomorrow's stage, as it is the longest of the 2010 Dakar.

'Carlos got stuck on a tree and lost the air scoop,' said VW Motorsport boss Kris Nissen the losing streak of Sainz. 'This sends the air to the brakes or the shock absorber. But it didn't slow it down.' The problem was rather the flat feet.

No stable orders to be recognized at VW

Nissen can still be satisfied, as there are still three VW Touaregs at the top of the overall standings. The fight for victory seems to be a thriller. You don't hear anything from a VW stall order. 'We are still in the first three places and it remains tight. It is difficult to say who will win. I estimate the speed of both pilots to be the same and the best should win.'

Victory of the day went to Chicherit and Thoerner in a BMW X-raid

The eleventh day of the Dakar Rally included narrow gravel sections, water crossings and a long downhill section at the end of the stage was a challenge for the brakes. The Frenchman Guerlain Chicherit and his Swedish co-driver Tina Thoerner mastered this challenge the best and secured the day's victory.

This was almost forgotten during the events at the top. With first place, Chicherit built on his first victory four years ago, back then between Tambacounda and Dakar, and built on old successes. The Argentinian Orlando Terranova not only returned to his homeland, but also gave Mitsubishi and the JMB Stradale team the best result so far at this year's Dakar with second place.

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