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Dakar 2010 - 10th stage: Sainz takes his first win of the day

Dakar 2010 - 10th stage
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M it 28 seconds ahead, Sainz finished the 238 kilometers Special test in front of Stephan Peterhansel in the BMW X raid. Sainz VW team-mate Mark Miller finished the tenth stage in third place.

In the overall standings, the VW trio is still at the top. Nasser Al-Attiyah /Timo Gottschalk follow in second place on Sainz /Cruz, 10.06 minutes behind, while Mark Miller /Ralph Pitchford are third, 28.19 minutes behind the leader.

The tenth stage was reminiscent of a WRC test

The tenth stage was particularly beneficial to the former world rally champion Sainz in terms of driving. Stony ground, tight hairpin bends, lots of braking maneuvers - some of the demands were more reminiscent of the World Rally Championship than a desert rally. 'Today it was a test like in sprint rallies,' said VW Motorsport Director Kris Nissen, commenting on the stage.

'We had retuned the vehicles and selected a suitable characteristic for the ZF Sachs dampers. The cars were thus very agile and fast. Congratulations not only to the drivers, but also to their co-pilots. Today the navigation was also quite tricky. We can be very satisfied with the results, but we must not forget that there is still a long way to go The goal is. Everyone must continue to work perfectly. '

Sainz is not yet sure of his victory

Even if Sainz has a lead, this one is like Nissen, however, is well aware that the race will only be decided at the finish. 'That was just a small step,' said the Spaniard. 'It is important to check off another day without any problems. There are still four days and when I fall asleep I will always say the same thing to myself: make no mistake the next day.'

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