Corvette Le Mans Concept: Stingray in LMP1 look
Corvette Le Mans-Concept
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D he 24h classic in Le Mans will be for Manufacturers more and more interesting. In 2015, a fourth plant will be launched with Nissan. At BMW, too, there are secret projects going on behind the scenes that are preparing for entry into the premier sports car class. The flexible regulations and the good marketing opportunities make the race attractive around the clock for all brands.

Virtual LMP1 racer in the Stingray Look

Le Mans is also an important topic in the USA. Ford is planning to enter the GTE category with the new GT. Chevrolet has been successfully on the road here with the Corvette for a long time. The long-distance project has been running since 1999. There are now 9 GT class wins.

Despite the successes in the second Le Mans league, a promotion to the top class at Chevrolet is currently not an option. That didn't stop the Spanish 3D graphic designers from >> G24 Studio from creating a draft to be created for an LMP1 racer based on the current C7.R.

Le Mans prototype with typical Corvette features

The prototype has all the traditional Corvette features, which is starts with the color. The Le Mans racer is painted in the familiar racing yellow. The mirrors and rear wing are in red. The long bonnet is also typical of the Corvette. As with the current Nissan LMP1 car, the engine was placed in front of the cockpit. The short exhaust pipes emerge directly behind the fenders.

The wide opening in the front and the bonnet, which is significantly higher in the middle, are also reminiscent of the C7.R sports car version. The light units - both at the front and at the rear - have been borrowed from the virtual LMP1 prototype from the real Stingray model.

In our gallery we show you further details of the Chevrolet Corvette Le Mans racer.


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