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Comment from Marcus Schurig on LMP1: Audi in the role of favorites for 2014

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Marcus Schurig's comment on the LMP1
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A udi Sport has the biggest Budget the fastest car built. That was not always the case, against Peugeot they were inferior in speed for years.

Close races are better advertising for Audi Sport

Now the Audi LMP1s are reliable and fast. We have never really seen how fast, because to use a technical term from cycling: Audi has never shown itself to be a cannibal, but geared its speed to Toyota. The Japanese didn't really stand a chance in 2013. With their tactics, the Germans acted in the spirit of sport: close races are better advertising than victories, which become humiliation for the opponents. Audi has won responsibly.

What does that mean for 2014, when Audi, Porsche and Toyota fight for the World Championship crown and Le Mans victory? Audi is the clear favorite. Toyota will be able to keep up in terms of chassis and aerodynamics, but the decision to go with a naturally aspirated V8 engine was made in far-off Japan and, according to unanimous opinion, is a mistake: The fuel specification speaks for a turbocharged gasoline engine.

Porsche with setbacks in LMP1 development

And Porsche? The focus here is on supercharging, but given the complexity of the new LMP1 cars due to the regulations, big wins in the first year are ruled out. LMP1 project manager Fritz Enzinger has already publicly admitted setbacks in the test phase.

And the biggest cliff for Porsche will be the race at Le Mans, where experience counts twice. The question is therefore not only: How fast is Porsche - but also how reliable?


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