BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car 2016

BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car
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S safety cars for MotoGP are a tradition at BMW. In 2013 the BMW M6 Gran Coupé celebrated its premiere as a safety car, and in 2014 it was the turn of the BMW M4 Coupé. In the 2015 season, BMW again relied on the M4, but with improved performance thanks to water injection. In the 2016 season, the new BMW M2 Coupé will take on the role of safety car in MotoGP and brake the 1,000 cc bikes with speeds of up to 340 km /h if necessary.

The M2 should slow down the racing machines if necessary.

M2 with large signal system

A conventional M2 serves as the basis for the MotoGP Safety Car, although it has been carefully handcrafted for its new purpose. The back seat of the coupé had to give way to a roll cage. Recaro racing seats and harness belts are used at the front. The M2 got an LED light bar mounted on the roof, which sends signals to the motorcycle pilots with different light signal programs and flashing frequencies. Blue LEDs are used in the front grille, and the corona rings on the headlights also flash. At the rear, red LED flashers replace the standard reversing lights.

BMW M2 Safety Car with M Performance parts

In order to improve the aerodynamics, the M2 was fitted with various components from the M Performance range, an adjustable carbon fiber rear spoiler and a new front flap and apron attachments. In addition, a coilover kit and a completely cleared exhaust system - you should hear the M2 under the MotoGP bikes - were installed. A carbon-ceramic brake provides stop power so that the M2 Safety Car does not weaken when the brakes are applied. Also on board: a racing-compliant oneBonnet lock, a battery master switch and a fuel pump device for air transport.

The cleared interior is adorned with new panels covered with leather and Alcantara. The MotoGP look was rounded off by a paint job in the BMW Motorsport colors and a corresponding sticker.

The drive technology was not screwed on. It stays with the charged three-liter six-cylinder with 370 hp and the dual clutch transmission.


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