BMW disqualified: Muller WTCC Champion 2010

BMW deleted from the Okayama ranking
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D he title in the WTCC was this year not awarded on the track but before the FIA ​​Court of Appeal. The second-placed BMW driver Andy Priaulx was subsequently deleted from the result lists of the two World Championship races in Okoyama, Japan at the end of October. The reason was an impermissible transmission. The 18 points from the two races were deducted from Priaulx.

Muller early WTCC champion

Chevrolet driver Muller can no longer be caught at the finale this weekend in Macau. 'I've worked hard with my team all year,' wrote Muller on his homepage on Wednesday. Most of the time in the season he led the World Cup standings. And he would also give his best at the WTCC final at the weekend, the Frenchman promised.

After the race management allowed the transmission in the Priaulx BMW, the FIA ​​appeals court annulled this decision. Chevrolet had vetoed the ruling by the local commissioners in Japan. For Muller it is the second world title, in 2008 he was successful in a Seat.


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