Blomqvist car illegal: BMW cheats with aero trick

Blomqvist car illegal
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M The affair is less than a month after the race at the Norisring to Tom Blomqvist now finally ended. The DMSB appeals court thwarted BMW's appeal against the disqualification at the second run on the Nuremberg street circuit. The referees confirmed the judgment of the commissioners on site: The BMW M4 DTM did not meet the technical regulations.

The case is explosive. This time it wasn't just about exceeded tolerances or the like. BMW had deliberately built in an electronic system which, according to the DMSB judges, violated several paragraphs of the regulations. Parts were also installed that did not match the homologation of the BMW M4 DTM.

BMW changed aerodynamics on the diffuser

The system provided for air in the area of ​​the rear wheel arches into the interior of the To guide the vehicle, use some of the air to cool the driver's seat and then let it flow out above the diffuser. A driver cooling system would still be covered by the regulations. According to the DMSB judges, however, the flow to the diffuser has an impact on the performance of the car. This is illegal.

The ruling has no effect on the championship. Since Blomqvist had originally only finished 16th in the race at the Norisring, the score remains the same. The following vehicles move up in the ranking of the race.


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