Blomqvist BMW: Speculation about blown diffuser

Blomqvist BMW confiscated
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D er The process after Blomqvist's exclusion in Nuremberg reads like a thriller, but is a legal process. At the instigation of attorney Rainer Wicke, the chairman of the DMSB court of appeal, a decision was made to take evidence and the sealed BMW M4 DTM Blomqvists was brought to the Dekra Technology Center in Klettwitz at Lausitzring.

There, on behalf of the DMSB court of appeal be determined: Is the perspective of BMW or that of the DMSB correct? Because deadlines had to be met, the investigation only took place on Wednesday (8 July 2015) before the Zandvoort race. The Dekra result should only be available after the Holland weekend. The appeal hearing of the case will follow on July 29th. in Frankfurt.

Points for BMW brand evaluation deleted

An application from BMW to use the Blomqvist car The DMSB appeals court has approved the Dekra investigation to the RBM team headquarters in Mechelen (Belgium). However, the controversial construction remains sealed until a final decision by the DMSB appeals court. Blomqvist was allowed to start in Zandvoort with an older replacement chassis and a new engine.

For this purpose, an engine from the special contingent available to each manufacturer was used. According to the 'Sports Regulations 2015', Article 28.6., This engine change is not exempt from punishment, as the change was not necessary due to an accident. As a result, the best-placed BMW driver in the Saturday race (winner Marco Wittmann) did not get any points for the manufacturers' championship.

That is why BMW is still behind Audi (297 points) and Mercedes-Benz (249) in the table ) third place (237). With the Wittmann points, the Munich would have conquered second place (262).

Why was Blomqvist-BMW illegal

There were speculations about which construction the Blomqvist-BMW might be there are also many in Zandvoort. The most plausible: a system that, analogous to a blown diffuser, generates downforce on the rear of the underbody. BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt commented on the discussions: 'It's interesting what is being rumored in this context. These stories belong more in the world of fables or fairy tales!'


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