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Audi hospitality at the Le Mans 24h race 2012: With racing hotel and arena in Le Mans

Audi hospitality at the Le Mans 2012 24h race
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M more than 1,000 guests invited the Audi athletes one for their race of the year. Because hotels are traditionally very scarce in the provincial town of Le Mans, Audi has set up its own mobile hotel. Exhibition halls were quickly converted for the Audi Racing Hotel. This accommodation offered a thousand beds. The comfort in the two-by-two meter small rooms, which are more reminiscent of cells than hotel rooms in the usual sense, was rather spartan. Most of the guests, however, appreciated this youth hostel atmosphere: 'It's something different than forever these five-star hotels, where you are usually accommodated as a car journalist or VIP guest,' said TV presenter Wolfgang Rother, for example.

Audi Racing Arena right next to the track

Nobody had to go hungry or thirsty when they got their VIP ID card in their own Audi accreditation center. The Audi hospitality specialists set up no less than six catering outlets. The showpiece was certainly the Audi Racing Arena. This two-story, light gray block was 45 meters long and almost 30 meters wide and was built right next to the track. Cost: allegedly 1.5 million euros. From the loggia on the first floor you had a very nice view of the chicane in front of the start and finish. The cars scurried by at a distance of only a few meters. Racing you can touch, at least almost. And those who didn't want to see any more cars could loll around on crumple armchairs and listen to the lounge music with a fine glass of sparkling wine.

Drivers are picky before the race

Barely less powerful than the arena was the food palace in the paddock, where the pilots also went to dinner. On a total of 1,600 square meters, exquisite dishes as well as handicrafts were served. Driver Tom Kristensen nevertheless exercised caution. “I don't eat fish in the days before the race,” said the Dane. “The team doctor said that we should be on the safe side.” It was logical that the eight-time Le Mans winner left it with salad and pasta.

Audi doesn’t talk about numbers

180 men - from the sports director to the twelve drivers to the physiotherapists - counted the Audi squad in Le Mans, which was responsible for the use of the four racing cars. About the number of submissive spiritshowever, there was official silence. 'We do not give out any corresponding figures,' said an Audi spokesman. “Because such figures are often taken out of context.” It felt like more than 1,000 people were paid for Audi at Le Mans. In the 'radio paddock' one also whispered estimates of the costs for the Le Mans 2012 project. The talk was of more than 100 million euros - but still without the costs for marketing.


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