Amish carriage with rocket propulsion (2019)

Thunder Buggy
Amish rocket-powered carriage
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D he Amish are a Protestant religious community whose Since the end of the 17th century, members have largely emigrated in several waves from the German-speaking area - especially towards America. The Amish people live there today in isolated settlements. Some of the members of this population group are very much attached to tradition: They dress in a simple classic style, speak so-called Pennsylvania German and often do without modern technology. Instead of bicycles, Amish people sometimes use scooters and instead of cars, some use covered carriages called buggies. Two inventors have now equipped such a carriage with a jet engine.

Thunder Buggy
Turbine drive at night: The carriage is up to 97 km /h.

Loud of the online publication Amish America, two racing-loving Amish people came by chance to equip their carriage with a rocket engine. One of them wanted to order a turbo shaft on the internet to be installed in a truck. But he accidentally ordered a turbo jet.

Thunder Buggy
The Amish People tinkerers built this turbine into the buggy.

Misappropriation from the Not out

Since the hobbyists couldn't use their new turbine for a truck, they converted the vehicle that was most obvious to them: a horse-drawn carriage. They reinforced these with a steel frame to which they attached the jet engine. They also gave the buggy an air suspension. The standard leaf springs are stored on small double air bags made of rubber - this equipment is now popular with the Amish because of the increased comfort it brings.

Thunder Buggy
The turbine makes a deafening noise during operation.

The high-positioned turbine protrudes far from the rear of the so-called Thunder buggies and accelerates them to speeds of up to 97 km /h (60 miles per hour). This is a monstrous speed for a carriage traveling on thin wooden wheels, which also has a very high center of gravity. The hobbyists seem to have neither reinforced the wheels and brakes, nor the suspensions or the axles.

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Little safety equipment

The only safety equipment there is a seat belt and the driver wears a helmet instead of the traditional Amish straw hat. During demonstration drives in drag strip races (acceleration races), the aerodynamically unadapted Thunder Buggy contributes itself thanks to its cabinet designTop speed still strangely static. In the social networks, many users express their respect for the courage of the race-loving Amish people for this conversion. At the same time, they are concerned about their safety and emphasize how dangerous a wheel break at 97 km /h, for example, could be. The main concern of the drivers is that the engine expands while driving. The fearless team from Thunder Buggy now operates on social networks as a car manufacturer based at Holmes County Airport in Millersburg, Ohio. There they regularly test the deafeningly loud tubine vehicle.


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