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24h race - Porsche vs. Clio: Strange crash on the finish line

24h race - Porsche vs. Clio
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The best comes at the end - below this one The motto was the 40th anniversary edition of the 2 4-hour race at the Nürburgring 2012 over. In an exciting duel, the Wochenspiegel-Porsche 911 GT3 R and the Heico-Mercedes SLS AMG dueled each other to the knife in the final laps. It was about third place and thus about jumping on the podium.

Porsche with full braking on the finish line

The Mercedes passed without a fight, finished the last lap and thus secured third place. But things got worse for the Porsche. Since Romain Dumas had already crossed the finish line, he would have been thrown out of the classification without fuel anyway. But then the maximum penalty followed: A Clio driver, who probably only had his watch in view, crashed into the rear of last year's winner.

Anniversary edition ends with a crash

The fans in the main stand could hardly believe their eyes. An accident right under the checkered flag in the middle of the start-finish straight. There has never been anything like it in the 40-year history of the 24-hour race. The following cars - including the winning Audi from the Phoenix team - had to evade the crash duo.

After the race, the stewards also initiated an investigation into Dumas' Porsche. The charge: unnecessary endangerment of other participants on the route. We have the curious scene again from all perspectives in our picture gallery.

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