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24h race Nürburgring 2015: 24h qualification definitely takes place

Nürburgring 24h Race 2015
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W How will racing continue on the Nordschleife? The accident of a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 at the first VLN race of the season, in which a spectator was killed, caused unrest in the scene. As a first reaction, several vehicle classes were excluded from racing. Many fans feared that the next races - including the 24h race (14-17 May 2015) - could be canceled entirely.

The 24h race at the Nürburgring will take place

Yes this concern is obviously unfounded. The organizing ADAC Nordrhein decided that the dates should be kept. 'The 24h qualification race on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife planned for April 11th and 12th will definitely take place', the organizers declared on Wednesday (April 1st, 2015) in a press release. The season highlight does not seem to be in danger.

However, the question is: Which vehicles are allowed to participate? The German Motorsport Association (DMSB) confirmed at a special meeting that the vehicle classes SP7, SP8, SP8T, SP9, SP-Pro, SP-X and Cup-2, the GT classes of the H4, the E1-XP1, E1- XP2 and E1-XP Hybrid are not allowed to start at DMSB approved events on the Nordschleife until further notice. The near-series class SP10, on the other hand, is permitted again with immediate effect, according to an official announcement.

DMSB organizes discussion round

The DMSB experts are currently analyzing the course of the accident. For this purpose, the data of all vehicles similar to the characteristics of the accident vehicle are examined. 'The aim is to look for possible solutions that will enable safe and fair motorsport on the Nordschleife in the future too. There will be no prohibitions to think', said DMSB President Hans-Joachim Stuck.

On Tuesday (7.4.2015) After Easter, everyone wants to sit down at a table to discuss how racing will continue on the Nordschleife: 'Race track, spectator seats, vehicles, sporting regulations: everything is put to the test, although we have short-term We will discuss solutions for the next few weeks as well as long-term ones that should still make sport possible on this globally unique racetrack in ten and twenty years. '

Not only the DMSB safety experts are at the big discussion and technology, but also experienced professional racing drivers and amateur athletes, representatives of the automobile manufacturers involved, the racetrack operators and representatives of theOrganizer of VLN and 24h races.

ADAC ensures planning security

The ADAC wanted to confirm the 24 race and the qualification run ensure planning security in advance. 'We thought it was the completely wrong signal to cancel the entire event at this point in time, even if it is currently not clear whether all of the vehicles mentioned will actually be allowed to start on the Nordschleife,' explains Walter Hornung, race director of the 24h race and sports director of the ADAC Nordrhein.


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