24h race Nordschleife 2022 - pictures & highlights

The 24-hour race at the Nürburgring is a long-distance race with a unique selling point. This automotive variety on the most difficult race track in the world only exists once. We have the best pictures.

The 50th edition of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring already offered pure drama and thrills in the first meters. Because the Eifel classic is no longer a coffee ride that is about survival, but a sprint twice around the clock.

Casino in the Eifel

134 starters tackled the marathon day and night. And hope that they will have the necessary luck on the legendary sections of the route such as the airfield, Adenauer Forst, Hatzenbach, Bergwerk, Kesselchen and Co. to complete each lap of the 25.378 kilometers unscathed.

Because there is always a bit of casino in this crazy race. After all, all possible vehicle classes meet here, from the GT3 racer to the Dacia Logan. Changing the paintwork when lapping maneuvers is almost standard. Much to the delight of our photographers, who are always on the hunt for action-packed pictures around the Nordschleife and capture the best moments.

Fairy lights and clouds of smoke

This time, the entertainment on the track is finally being added again next to the course. Because camping around the Eifel roller coaster is allowed again without corona restrictions. The numerous fans have completely taken over the woods and, with their chains of lights and clouds of smoke from the grills, provide the visual background for the unique atmosphere at this motorsport folk festival.

Of course, everyone is hoping for the best possible weather. Because in the past Petrus was not so merciful with the Nordschleife pilgrims. Last year the fog threw a spanner in the works at night. A few showers are also forecast for this year.

So that you are always up to date from home, we have put together the most spectacular photos from the 24-hour race in our picture gallery and update them regularly.


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