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24h race in numbers: 2,000 helpers, 650 pilots and 604 toilets

24h race in numbers
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D The Nordschleife in itself is a stretch of superlatives . The roller coaster winds its way through the Eifel for 25.378 kilometers. Actually enough space - one would think. But once a year the ring gets full. When the 24-hour race is a guest, 171 cars jostle together on the track. Statistically speaking, each participant only has 150 meters of space to himself - and thus less than in Formula 1.

The fact that tricky situations keep coming up at the Nürburgring is not only due to the length of the track, but also to the Track width. Hardly more than three cars fit on the belt of asphalt between the guard rails when it comes from the Grand Prix track to the old Nordschleife.

900 marshals ensure safety

The greatest uncertainty factor is but the big differences in speed. 500 hp GT3 monsters meet near-series touring cars or much slower brand cup racers like the Renault Clio. No wonder it crashes every now and then over the course of the 24 hours. To avoid constant interruptions, 900 marshals are posted around the ring - 90 of them in the pit lane alone.

The intervention team that goes out to secure the route in the event of an accident comprises 26 people. With four Audi RS6 safety cars, it is not a problem if there is a crash in different places at the same time. Twelve rescue vehicles ensure that damaged items are quickly removed. Different models are available - from 'normal' tow trucks to mountain tractors.

100 emergency helpers work in shifts

A vehicle with a compressor, ram and specially trained staff is on site to help carry out repair measures directly in the event of major crash barrier damage. In the event of personal injury, three medical cars and eight emergency vehicles are available. The emergency team consists of 100 people in total. The doctors and paramedics work in shifts.

So that the race management does not lose track, 30 people work in the tower of the pit building. 130 people work in the expanded organization team, such as the many stewards and experts for the technical inspection of the many cars. If you count the many supporting events, there are around 600 different cars on the track on the four days of the race weekend.

604 toilets for 200,000 fans

The 24th is also outside the slopesHour race at the Nürburgring a mammoth event. 200,000 fans make a pilgrimage to the Eifel every year and transform the long-distance classic into a folk festival. 500 helpers are on duty in the vicinity of the route so that there is no chaos. So that all spectators can take care of their human needs, mobile toilets are set up around the Ring 604.

In our picture gallery we show you the crazy cars of the route safety and some impressions of the route.


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