Xpeng E28 (2019): This is China's Tesla Model 3 rival

Xpeng E28 (2019)
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D he four-door sedan with coupé bonds is purely electric and has a range of almost 200 kilometers according to the NEDC. Further technical data are not yet known, but should be based on the brand's first E-model.

The E28 also receives extensive safety equipment

The Xpeng G3 costs 227,800 yuan in China - the equivalent of almost 30,000 euros.

This model is an SUV , is called G3 and is 'fired' by a permanently excited synchronous motor with 145 kW and 300 Nm torque. Its lithium-ion battery pack has a capacity of 47.6 kWh and 80 percent of the AC charge takes less than four hours and the DC charge takes around 30 minutes. Similar to the G3, the E28, whose final model name has not yet been determined, is likely to come with extensive safety equipment. The Limo has ESP from Bosch as well as front collision warning and brake assist with pedestrian detection. In addition there are lane assistants, cruise control and exterior mirrors with blind spot assist. Drowsiness and distraction detection as well as a heartbeat health check are also available. Driver and passenger airbags complete the safety package including curtain airbags. Like the SUV, the sedan also has a large panoramic roof.

The first pictures of the Xpeng E28 show the model with four doors and a long wheelbase. The door handles are hidden, the panes do not have a frame.

The E28 from Xpeng is elongated.

Autonomous driving thanks to Nvidia

The E28 is designed for level three autonomous driving. For this purpose, the Chinese have created their own operating system and proprietary software for autonomous driving based on the Nvidia Xavier AI platform. They also want to be the leader in the Chinese car market when it comes to the design of the user interfaces and infotainment functions.

Xpeng was founded in 2014 and is currently producing the G3 at Haima - a manufacturer that belongs to FAW. The E28 is manufactured in the company's own factory in Guangdong Province. The young company currently has almost 1.4 billion euros and is supported by Foxconn, the investment companies IDG Capital and Hillhouse Capital and the Chinese tech company Alibaba.

The E28 comes onto the market with the same technology as the G3.


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