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Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 C8: 1,010 PS for the mid-range station wagon

Audi RS6 C8 from Wheelsandmore
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T un Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler in North Rhine-Westphalia has over made the Audi RS6. Anyone who has always wanted to take two washing machines with them to the Nordschleife is in the best of hands with the mid-range sports suit, which is extremely potent because of its all-wheel drive and 600 hp. But for Wheelsandmore, individuality is the key - be it in terms of performance or presence.

For the optics, the refiners have three wide rim models in their range: The hot designs 6Sporz², F.I.W.E. and Atom, the latter model being a new addition. SportContact 6 tires from Continental in size 295/30/22 are provided for both axles. With mixed tires with wider 11.5J rear rims, there are tires in size 285/30/22 at the front and 335/25/22 at the rear. All rims can be painted according to individual color requirements.

The chassis, which is tailored to the RS6 C8, comes from KW. A so-called variant 4 coilover kit and lowering springs are on offer.

The torque of the RS6 goes up to 1,250 Newton meters.

Added power levels

With TÜV, Wheelsandmore has 965 PS in it.

In level 5 to over 1,000 PS

Stage 4 is achieved by the tuners by exchanging the standard turbos for superchargers with a larger compressor unit and reinforced axial bearings. The power is already a breathtaking 965 hp and the torque is impressive at 1,250 Newton meters. But Wheelsandmore goes a step further: By eliminating all catalytic converters, gasoline particulate filters and all silencers except for the rear silencers, the final fifth stage produces 1,010 hp and again 1,250 Newton meters. However, the TÜV no longer goes along with this last increase in performance - here export markets or private racetracks should be the focus of the tuners.

Part of performance level 2: The flap-controlled exhaust system from Capristo.


The prices for a complete wheel set start at 7,499 euros. The coilover kit costs 5,199 euros, and Wheelsandmore would like to see 899 euros for adjustable lowering springs. The performance increases start at 2,499 euros for level 1, level 2 then costs 9,149 euros, level 3 is available for 14,900 euros and for the highest legal level 4, 39,900 euros go to the tuner. If you want the 1,010 PS from level 5, which is not TÜV-compliant, you have to pay 49,900 euros.


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