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VW CC 1.8 TSI in the driving report: The VW Passat looks pretty

Wolfgang Groeger-Meier
VW CC 1.8 TSI in the driving report
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With all its optional assistance systems - it parks independently, corrects the lane with steering intervention, initiates emergency braking, stops the distance to the vehicle in front and controls the high beam - the VW could C C 1.8 TSI actually drive alone. It's nice that he's taking us with him anyway.

With the new name, he's still helping to make the purchase more glamorous. So that nothing of the middle-class character of its base, the Passat, should stick to it, it is now called VW CC. Although this change is one of the more essential of the facelift.

VW CC 1.8 TSI better than nail-biting diesels

It now also has the current VW uniform face, behind which is the basic version VW CC 1.8 TSI a 160 PS strong 1, 8 liter turbo gasoline direct injection. Better than the somewhat nail-biting diesels or the more hectic, more powerful gasoline-powered engines, with its cultivated run and gentle determination, it fits in well with the unchanged, dignified character of the CC. The spacious and long-distance talented VW CC 1.8 TSI accommodates four passengers in comfort on comfortable seats. Only the cramped entrance to the rear or the tight headroom there could be criticized - although the surprise about both points in a coupé is limited.


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