Used cars: station wagons up to 15,000 euros

Used station wagons up to 15,000 euros
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A Even if the view of the German streets gives the impression that the world only drives SUVs: The classic station wagon is alive, and in some cases very successfully. In the three-series from BMW, the Touring has a clear lead in terms of sales figures, and customers in the respective model series at Opel, Peugeot or Skoda also opt for the extended body with - depending on the model - large to extra-large luggage space. Germany is and will remain a combi country.

For the buyer, the combi has a big advantage compared to the SUV, which is often comparable in terms of space: the consumption values ​​are usually noticeably lower thanks to the better aerodynamics. This is reflected in the fuel budget. In other words: You save cash at the petrol station.

Large range, diverse selection

So it's no wonder that the station wagon is particularly popular in fleets. When used as a company car or service car, fleet cars ensure regular replenishment on the used car market.

There is a wide range of products on the online exchanges. Anyone who sets a price limit of 15,000 euros will find what they are looking for across the range of models. It is also sometimes much cheaper than in the nine examples presented here - if you accept higher mileage or switch to older age groups. The recommended vintages for the individual models are listed in the buying tips. The facelifts brought improvements in optics or engines, in infotainment or better equipment with driver assistance systems.

BMW 318d Touring

Dino Eisele
BMW 318d Touring with 143 PS, 120,000 km, EZ 2014, automatic, navigation system, head-up display, bi-xenon, sound system. Available from a price of 14,000 euros.

The sixth generation of 3 has been on the German market since 2012 and will have a successor this year. Around half of the sales were for the Touring, series code F31. The sporty station wagon is no world champion in loading, but since this generation it has offered 495 liters of luggage space, which can be expanded to 1,500 liters by folding it down. All engines are turbo-ventilated, the petrol power range in the Touring ranges from 136 hp (316i) to 326 hp (340i). Diesel is available from 116 hp (316d) to 313 hp (335d).

A good choice is the 318d or 320d, both of which are often used in fleets and are therefore well represented in the used car market. But be careful: They will only meet Euro 6 from the facelift in July 2015. Earlier models are an inexpensive choice if you are not affected by driving bans. The Touring is the most harmonious variant in the 3-series, impresses with durability and good workmanship. Wear of the timing chains is indicated by grinding noises - pay attention to this when starting from cold.

Ford Focus Tournament 1.0 EcoBoost

Rossen Gargolov
Ford Focus Tournament 1.0 Ecoboost with 125 HP, 40,000 km, EZ 2016, GPS, heated seats, all-season tires. Starting price 12,500 euros.

The Focus is one of the bestsellers in the compact class. The third generation rolled off the production line between 2011 and 2018. The best buy are vehicles that were first registered in 2015, because during the facelift at the end of 2014, operation was significantly simplified thanks to a much tidier cockpit. The infotainment and assistance options have also been upgraded. The engine range is large, including gas models as well as the sporty ST with 250 hp. The powerful and sophisticated three-cylinder turbo gasoline engines with 125 PS (1.0 EcoBoost) or 150 PS (1.5 EcoBoost) are a very good choice.

In terms of trunk, the Focus Tournament offers 495 to 1520 liters less than the top dog Golf (605 to 1620 liters), but still enough. The chassis is balanced, sporty and comfortable, the workmanship is okay. There are problems with the clutch on the hand control - make sure that the dream car has already been improved. Shock absorbers and rubber bearings are also susceptiblebe sure to check it out.

Hyundai i40 Kombi 1.7 CRDi

Rossen Gargolov
Hyundai i40 station wagon 1.7 CRDi with 141 hp , 120,000 km, EZ 2016, automatic, GPS, seat heating, parking sensors. Prices from 14,000 euros.

While the i40 sedan has since disappeared from the model range in Germany, the station wagon has enjoyed great popularity since its market launch in 2011 . Since the facelift in spring 2015, a double clutch transmission has also been available in the Euro 6 diesel. With the 1.7 CRDi (141 hp), which is powerful except for the starting weakness, the stately 4.80 meter i40 is well motorized.

When it comes to space, the Korean is in a league with the best in its class, 550 to 1,720 Liters of trunk make it absolutely suitable for families. Overall, the i40 is solid and without serious defects, it is already well equipped in the basic versions and is often used as a fleet car on long journeys. When buying, you should pay attention to worn brakes, defective lights and oil leaks in the engines. Otherwise, many used vehicles on offer are a safe purchase - because they are still covered by the new vehicle guarantee, which Hyundai has for five years.

Mercedes C 250 CDI T

Dino Eisele
Mercedes C 250 CDI T with 204 hp , 120,000 km, EZ 2013, automatic, navigation system, bi-xenon, parking sensors. Good, but also expensive. Available from 14,500 euros.

If you want to fulfill your dream of the star in the used car market, you have to make compromises with the current C-Class (205) if you want to get a chance for less than 15,000 euros - then the mileage tends towards 200,000. It is better to rely on the 204 series, which was replaced in 2014. It reached a high level of maturity after seven years of construction. With Euro 5, the engines are only partially suitable for large cities, and the range of assistance and infotainment has improved considerably since then.

At 4.61 meters in length, the T-model of the 204 series is nine centimeters shorter than the current model, with 495 to 1,500 liters, the trunk is comparable to that of the BMW three. A large number of gasoline and diesel engines between 120 and 507 hp (C 63 AMG) were in the range, the C 220 CDI (170 hp) and C 250 CDI (204 hp) in particular are used. Chassis, shock absorbers and steering are more common at the general inspection, the service history should generally be examined carefully.

Opel Astra Sports Tourer 1.4 T

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Opel Astra Sports Tourer 1.4 T with 125 PS, 25,000 km, EZ 2017, navigation system, seat heating, lane departure warning. Prices from 15,000 euros.

The latest generation of the Opel Astra Sports Tourer has been on sale in Germany since the end of 2015. The Astra K, the official model series abbreviation, replaced the Astra J built between 2009 and 2015. From the perspective of used car buyers, the Astra J is a problem-free case. If you choose it, you get a car from the last year of production with the recommended 1.4 liter turbo gasoline engine (120 or 140 hp) for around 10,000 to 11,000 euros; on the odometer are then sometimes significantly less than 100,000 km.

If it is the new model that offers a larger trunk (540 to 1630 liters instead of 500 to 1550), you have to dig deeper into the Grab bag. Starting at 15,000 euros, you can get your hands on the 2017 hunting ground for young used vehicles. For them, rust on the exhaust system or chassis parts is not yet an issue, with older vehicles these regions are always worth a look. Overall that isQuality but very solid.

Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 HDi

Arturo Rivas
Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 HDi with 120 PS, 85,000 km, EZ 2015, navigation system, seat heating, parking sensors, panorama roof. The prices start at 10,000 euros.

In the compact class at home, but already in the middle class in terms of space: With 610 liters of trunk volume (maximum 1,660 l ) the 308 SW convinces as a family station wagon. The second model generation has been on the market since 2013, and there was a facelift in 2017; Among other things, the three-cylinder turbo gasoline engines now have particle filters. Those who want it economical and powerful can choose from the wide range of diesel vehicles. From 2015 the BlueHDi engines will meet the Euro 6 standard. Very well-equipped cars with well under 100,000 kilometers are available from dealers for less than 10,000 euros.

Compared to the first generation, the 308 SW impresses with its lack of defects. Brake discs and pads should be checked when buying, however, there is no wear indicator. When it comes to the operating concept, Peugeot goes its own way with the i-Cockpit. If you are not bothered by the low-slung, flat steering wheel, the raised instrument cluster and the many touch functions, you will be happy with the 308.

Skoda Superb Combi 1.8 TSI

Uwe Fischer
Skoda Superb Combi 1.8 TSI with 140 PS , 110,000 km, EZ 2013, navigation system, bi-xenon, leather, heated seats, parking sensors. Prices from 13,700 euros.

The Volkswagen subsidiary has been offering the third generation of the Skoda Superb since summer 2015. On the second-hand market, you can usually find copies of this series above the 15,000 euro limit. But it doesn't hurt at all to look around the last, technically mature years of the Superb II; 2013 received another facelift with changes in the interior and modernized engine range. With a length of more than 4.90 meters, the Superb II Combi also offers a lot of space for the rear passengers as well as a trunk volume between 600 and 1,865 liters.

During the test drive, you should make sure that vehicles with dual clutch transmissions shift cleanly , Judder indicates wear. The engines of the Superb II are only available with Euro 5. The prices for gasoline engines are therefore higher. The TSI with 140 PS is in the range of 14,000 euros, the equally powerful TDI is around 3,000 euros cheaper - and therefore the first choice if you live away from the big city.

Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid

Achim Hartmann
Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid with 136 PS, 120,000 km, EZ 2015, GPS, parking sensors. Prices from 12,500 euros.

As a new car, the Toyota Auris has been history again this year: with the introduction of the new Corolla, after two generations, the Production of the Auris ended. The Auris II was offered from 2013 onwards, and a large part of the pre-owned range is made up of the hybrid; that was taken over from the Prius and combines a 1.8 liter petrol engine trimmed for economy with an electric drive that supports the petrol engine in the lower speed range and covers very short distances purely electrically.

The small battery solely by recovering energy when braking. The Auris is thus economical on the road in everyday life. The technology is very robust and reliable, and used car buyers don't usually have to have sleepless nights. The space is good, the trunk packs between 530 and 1,660 liters. The cockpit is tidy, the materials are rather simple, but tough - the plastics cancan be seen for years to come.

Volvo V60 D3

Beate Jeske
Volvo V60 D3 with 136 PS, 100,000 km, EZ 2015, navigation system, bi-xenon, seat heating, parking sensors, camera, sound system. Available from a price of 13,800 euros.

The second generation of the Volvo V60 has been on the market since last year. This ensures an influx of used vehicles at the dealers. The first-generation V60 was sold in Germany between 2011 and 2018, and in 2013 there was a facelift, which is externally only recognizable at a second or third glance. There were improvements in the engines, infotainment and assistance systems in particular. The V60 scores with a very low defect rate across all years.

The engine range includes gasoline engines between 122 and 367 hp and compression-ignition engines from 114 to 225 hp, plus a diesel called D6 with plug-in hybrid technology. The engines introduced from 2015 meet the Euro 6 standard, but there are still a large number of vehicles with initial registration 2015 and Euro 5 on the market. As diesel they are available from 11,000 euros, depending on the performance, for gasoline engines you have to budget from 15,000 euros. The V60 is not a space miracle: At 430 liters, the trunk is more compact than the middle class.


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