Test drive the Nobel Hyundai Genesis G70

Don't know Genesis? It doesn't matter, many people feel the same way, but that should change soon. Hyundai now wants to establish its noble offshoot in Germany. First drive with the entry-level G70.

Well, what kind of model is that? Again and again questioning faces. The sedan could be a new Volvo. Or a jaguar. Maybe a look at the lettering on the rear will help - or not. Because that's where Genesis is. Never heard? However, the brand is only brand new in Germany, founded in 2015 as a premium offshoot of the parent brand Hyundai. The G70 sedan has also been around for a few years, it's been around since 2017 and got a facelift in 2020. Together with the GV70 SUV and the two larger G80/GV80 series, they form the model range for the start of the new brand in this country.,

But back to the G70, it is the entry-level model and at the same time the sportiest series from Genesis. The format and concept of the almost 4.70 meter long sedan are reminiscent of the 3 Series from BMW. Under the front hood are longitudinally installed four-cylinder turbo diesel and petrol engines, which drive the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission developed by Genesis as standard, with all-wheel drive being an option. Inside, the G70 is attractively furnished and cleanly finished. The graphics of the digital instruments and the infotainment are known from Hyundai models, the operation is carried out not only via the touch display and voice control but also via numerous conventional buttons and rotary controls - including one for the map zoom of the navigation system.

200 hp and 440 Nm

The driver-oriented sedan fits like a glove on the comfortable front seats, but in the rear even medium-sized passengers have problems avoiding contact with the roof and the front seats. Especially since the feet can hardly be pushed under the low-mounted, electrically adjustable front seats. After all, there are two buttons on the inside of the front passenger seat backrest, with which this seat can also be adjusted from the rear. So back to the driver's seat, the best seat in the car.,

A diesel is available as a Sport Line for a first exit. Black aluminum wheels in 19-inch format with mixed tires and Brembo brake calipers promise dynamism even when stationary. The 2.2-liter diesel engine sends 200 hp and 440 Nm to the rear axle, where an electronically controlled limited-slip differential takes care of sufficient traction. Depending on the sound setting via infotainment - amplified, normal, soft, off - a dull rumble overlays the naily background noise of the diesel, which has to deal with at least 1.8 tons, but doesn't have too much trouble with it.

Not a trace of comfort

Assistance systems are of course also on board, a lot in fact, the G70 can also drive semi-autonomously. But we prefer to take matters into our own hands.The steering works precisely and with good feedback, as does the chassis with adaptive dampers. However, the tuning lacks the right measure, because the sedan springs so tightly that the hand quickly reaches for the rotary switch on the center console, which activates the driving modes. But it's already set to "Comfort", although strong impacts hardly get filtered by the occupants. As compensation, the G70 willingly follows the given line and comes up with appealingly agile handling. So we give it the spurs, while we can keep our fingers off the paddle shifters - the automatic usually changes the levels as desired. Disturbing influences in the asphalt only cause slight unrest in the rear axle at high speeds on winding motorways. This can be reduced by switching to "Sport" - among other things, the side bolsters of the seats blow up and additionally fix the driver -, but then there can hardly be any talk of residual comfort.,

You have to like that - or do without the Sport Line and instead make do with the Premium Line or Luxury Line. As an alternative to the diesel, there is a two-liter turbocharged petrol engine in two output levels with 197 and 245 hp, with only the more powerful being available with all-wheel drive. The prices for the entry-level petrol engine start at 39,100 euros, the diesel is available from 41,500 euros. And as a Sport Line, the diesel is available from 45,710 euros. Interested? By the way, so far there is only one Genesis base in Munich, but the customer should not have to go to a dealer at all, no matter where he lives. Because a pick-up and delivery service to customer service, replacement car, breakdown service, over-the-air updates for the navigation system are included in the purchase price for five years - as is the vehicle guarantee for the same period.,


The Genesis G70 enriches the sporty middle class with a tightly tuned alternative with an interesting price-performance ratio and extensive guarantee promises. Is that enough for more than one respectable success against BMW 3 Series and Co? Wait.


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