Tesla's new colors for Europe - not for the US

Tesla is offering Quicksilver as a new color for the Model Y - but only for models from Berlin-Brandenburg. US customers meanwhile languish violently.

The range of colors offered by Tesla for its models does not necessarily stand out due to the large selection. But now there is the Quicksilver paint for the Model Y, which is subject to a surcharge. Tesla enthusiasts worldwide find the paint that looks like liquid silver in company photos spectacular and desirable - but this paint is only available for the Model Y and on the other hand it is only used in the German Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, Brandenburg. US customers are pining for the paint, while European buyers are showing what the paint color can really look like in daylight.

US Tesla fans are celebrating the new Quicksilver paint in internet forums – in the German configurator it costs 3,000 euros extra. User Asikainen Jukka proudly shows how his shiny silver car is at the dealer. The comments below the photo only go in one direction: "Love it", "I'll take this color!", "Gorgeous", "Beautiful", "Gorgeous" and "Wow, I love this color!" are just a small selection of the exclamations of praise. But user Alan Lamb then poses a valid question: "It's an amazing color. Anyone know why it's not available in the US?"

US customers are left out

In response, forum member James George sarcastically points out that the Tesla factories in the US can't even paint the basic colors properly. User Pierre Wanga adds that Quicksilver and the dark red tone Midnight Cherry (also 3,000 euros surcharge) only come on the sheet metal of the Model Y in the "Giga Berlin" - Giga Berlin has now established itself internationally as the nickname for the Gigafactory 4, which is actually based in Brandenburg . Wanga emphasizes that in the future the colors will only come to those Model Y that roll off the assembly line in Brandenburg. However, Tesla boss Elon Musk had promised to include new colors in the program for Tesla's US models. James George counters that finding a fancy color for the US market might take a little longer since Tesla's US plants don't reach the standards of the plants in China and Germany when it comes to the paint department.

Developed in Brandenburg

Tesla itself advertises that specialists developed the two new paint colors in "our advanced paint shop in the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg". Some US customers write that they love the current color of their Tesla, such as blue - but would swap it for Quicksilver in a heartbeat.Then again expressions of admiration follow like "That is badass!", "RAD" (meaning radical), "Ok THAT IS THE COLOR for MY!" and repeated change requests like "Im about to pull the trigger to replace my Black 2022 MYP, but cant decide between Quick Silver or Midnight Cherry Red." (equivalent to: "I'm about to finalize my order for a black Model Y - and now I can't decide between Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red.")

Actually often blue-grey

Tesla already has a few Model Ys painted in Quicksilver delivered. Users have also posted photos of these models online. It is noticeable that the color depends heavily on the respective lighting conditions. In other words, the color is hardly recognizable in an underground car park or when the sky is overcast. Instead of pure silver, a clear blue-grey then flows over the car. Tesla also points out on its website that the appearance of the multi-layer paint changes from every angle. This, in turn, causes astonishment among some forum members, but the US customers in particular still want the color. It is currently unlikely that they will actually get it, but nobody knows whether Elon Musk will not decide differently in the next minute.


Clever move by Tesla-Europe: The spectacular paint color Quicksilver and the chic red tone Midnight Cherry are only available for an extra charge, only for the Model Y and only for cars that the Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, Brandenburg, produces. Proud owners of the models with the new colors immediately posted photos of their cars on the Internet - and thus aroused great interest. US fans in particular would like to have Quicksilver for their Model Y as well. It is currently not intended that they will actually get the color.

But Quicksilver is also good for a tangible surprise: when the sky is overcast or in underground car parks, the paint no longer looks silver, but clearly blue-grey. However, this does not bother the fans in the Tesla forums.


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