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Elon Musk tweeted again - and this time it should be the staff his stores didn't like: The Tesla boss announced that the middle class model of the type M odel 3 only for sale online. This is indispensable in order to make the vehicles cheaper and thus keep them competitive. Finally, Musk mentioned in the same breath that there would now finally be the $ 35,000 entry-level model (currently around 30,770 euros) for the US market.

Some stores are becoming showrooms

It is not yet known when and how many stores are about to go out. The Tesla executives will decide over the next few weeks who can continue. To do this, they look at how many so-called walk-ins (i.e. visitors to the shop) there were, how many visitors then took a test drive and who then bought a car. Should the balance be positive, the location will remain - but only as a showroom with advisory staff that also enables test drives - the customer can only make purchases online. From Tesla it says that customers would be used to ordering things online anyway. At least in the USA, customers should have their Tesla delivered within a day of buying it online. If he returns it after a week and a mileage of no more than 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers), he will be reimbursed the full purchase price.

There are currently 22 Tesla stores in Germany - some were only opened in 2018 opened. When asked, their employees do not comment on the future of the business and bravely refer to the Tesla press office. Musk is hoping to cut costs by around six percent by closing the stores.

The Model 3 has been shipping in Germany since mid-February 2019

One with 3,000 Tesla Model 3 loaded freighter is in early February 2019 from the USA arrived at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The coveted electric cars are currently being driven by articulated lorries to dealers throughout Europe and then handed over to customers. In Germany, delivery has been running since February 14, 2019. Tesla does not disclose how many Model 3s were delivered in Germany alone.

If you reserved your Model 3 early,sometimes had to wait three years for his car. That should now be over in one fell swoop: Every week, thousands of Model 3 ships arrive in Zeebrugge. Those who have reserved are given priority. But if the configuration fits, customers who have ordered at short notice will also receive their Model 3 almost immediately. A customer from Hamburg who ordered his Model 3 in January 2019 was able to receive it yesterday. So the long wait seems to be over for the time being.

Second price cut in 2019 in the USA

Tesla is reducing the US prices for the Model 3 for the second time in 2019. With this, the group is trying to cushion the dwindling state electric car purchase subsidies. From January to June 2019, the grants are halved to 3,750 dollars (currently the equivalent of around 3,304 euros), in July they fall to 1,875 dollars (1,652 euros). The Model 3 price reduction of 1,100 dollars (969 euros) became possible, according to Tesla boss Elon Musk, because the recommendation program expired on February 1, 2019. As part of this program, customers were able to recruit other customers as Tesla buyers and, depending on their success, received rewards up to Tesla models. According to Musk, this program was much more expensive than expected for Tesla.

The cheapest Tesla Model 3 is now available on the manufacturer's US website for $ 34,850 (30,703 euros). However, Tesla has already priced in $ 3,750 in “potential incentives” and $ 4,300 in fuel cost savings for the next six years. Without the prints, the price is $ 42,900. For the performance variant, the American company would like to have 60,900 dollars (53,654 euros) without deductions. As before, Tesla promises on its website, in 'four to six months' to bring the basic model announced for years for 35,000 dollars (30,836 euros) without subsidies on the market. When asked about it by a Twitter user, Musk complained that the manufacturer would try everything, but that it was a difficult goal to achieve.

Buy autopilot and not get it for now

European customers currently buy the 5,200 euro “Autopilot” assistance system, but according to a report by Los Angeles Times the system remains deactivated due to a lack of approval from the Dutch authorities. Opposite the technology magazine The Verge informed Tesla, however, that they plan to activate the system from next week. Tesla has received an autopilot operating license for the large Model S sedan and the Model X SUV. The system misleadingly called 'Autopilot' is aAssistant package that enables autonomous driving according to level two - fully autonomous driving would be level 5. At level two, permanent monitoring by the driver is necessary, who has to keep his hands on the steering wheel. If he takes his hands away for too long, various warnings appear. These warnings can be deactivated in Tesla models with the so-called autopilot buddy. That is why the US road safety authority NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) banned the autopilot buddy in June 2018.

Model X and Model S are massively more expensive

As always came the message from Tesla boss Elon Musk on Twitter: The entry-level variants of the SUV Model X and the large sedan Model S will be omitted on Monday January 14, 2019. These are the models with a 75-kilowatt-hour battery. Tesla will take orders for the two models until Sunday night. Tesla does not explain why the entry-level versions are omitted.

No e-car bonus

From Monday, only the models with the large 100 kilowatt-hour battery can be ordered. This goes hand in hand with a massive increase in costs for customers: The Model S with a small battery was available for 69,019 euros, the version with a large battery costs 108,420 euros - a price difference of 39,401 euros. The price difference for the Model X is not quite as drastic, but still high: If the entry-level model was available for 97,400 euros, the customer now has to shell out 115,000 euros - 17,600 euros more than before. The German electric car premium is only available for vehicles with a new price of up to 60,000 euros and therefore does not apply to entry-level versions of Model X and S.

Smallest variants are often omitted

The elimination of model variants A smaller battery could become a tradition at Tesla: The Model X version with a 60-kilowatt-hour battery disappeared from the market in 2016, while the new entry-level model was the now discontinued Model X with a 75-kilowatt-hour battery. However, the price jumps will be considerably greater - at that time the difference between the models was 12,000 euros.

Construction of the Gigafactory in Shanghai started

Currently there is only mud, mud and a few stacks of boards, end of the year, the first Tesla Model 3 should roll off the production line here: CEO Elon Musk made a personal trip to the start of construction on the largest Tesla factory outside the USA. The buildings near Shanghai should be in place by summer. Both the cars and their batteries are built in the factory. Musk announced, as usual on Twitter, that mass production will start in 2020 - a maximum annual output of half a million vehicles should be possible. Tesla is already active in Shanghai: The Americans run a center for research and development there.

Inexpensive variants for China

While the SUV Model X and the large sedan Model S are also available for theIf the Chinese market continues to roll off the production line in Fremont, California, the more compact Model 3 and the Crossover Model Y planned for 2020 will also be produced in China - in lower-priced versions for the Chinese market.

According to Tesla, the construction will cost of the Chinese plant two billion dollars (currently the equivalent of around 1.74 billion euros). Tesla is the sole owner of the production facility - this has been allowed for foreign electric car manufacturers since 2018. Until now, foreign car manufacturers always had to bring a Chinese partner on board with a stake of at least 50 percent. This constraint will also fall for commercial vehicle manufacturers by 2020 and for all car manufacturers by 2022.

Record production for Tesla in 2018

In the last months of 2018, Tesla produced 61,394 units of the Model 3 which means an increase of 15 percent compared to the third quarter. Tesla summarizes the production of the large sedan Model S and the SUV Model X: 25,161 of these car models rolled off the assembly line in the fourth quarter.

Tesla delivered 90,700 electric cars in the fourth quarter of 2018. 63,150 of them were the Model 3, which means an increase of 13 percent compared to the previous quarter. Of the Model X, 14,050 copies were sold to customers, the Model represented the smallest share of the sales pie with 13,500 vehicles. According to Tesla, 1,010 Model 3 and 1,897 Model X /S are on their way to the customer.

Vigorous production growth

Tesla produced a total of 245,240 cars in 2018, of which 145,846 were Model 3 and 99,394 Model S /X. Tesla itself comments on this by stating that almost as many vehicles were delivered in 2018 alone as in all previous years combined.

Tesla emphasizes that more than three quarters of Model 3 orders in the fourth quarter of 2018 from New customers came. From February 2019, the Model 3 will also be available in Europe and China - Tesla boss Elon Musk now seems to have the agonizing production problems under control. cheap is itself the basic version of the Model 3 does not: In Germany prices start at 57,900 euros.

The new Audi boss Bram Schot expressed self-criticism in an interview given the success of Tesla: Man was complacent - Tesla would have shown that the auto business is different. You have to be quick and consistent when it comes to improvements.

Tesla sells more than Audi in the USA, which means almost nothing

Despite the relatively high prices of at least 49,000 dollars (around 43,195 euros) the Tesla Model 3 still sells like sliced ​​bread, there is stilllong waiting times and the compact electric car is still not available in Europe. After a lot of effort, Tesla has succeeded in increasing Model 3 production to over 5,000 copies per week - this also benefits sales. In August 2018, Tesla sold 23,175 cars on the US market for the first time, more than Audi (20,907), according to the Carsalesbase website. Tesla is ahead of Audi in September and October too. October was not a good month for both brands: At Tesla, sales slumped so sharply compared to the previous month that, according to Carsalesbase, it threw the electric car maker behind its competitors in terms of growth. A nine-year growth curve for Audi came to an end in October. In 2018 (including October), however, Audi was still well ahead of Tesla (134,862) with a total of 183,476 cars sold.

Even if Tesla's overtaking Audi is a nice headline in terms of sales in the US market , the US market shares of both manufacturers give an indication of the relevance of these numbers. In 2017, Audi's market share was 1.3 percent, Tesla was there with 0.29 percent. Right at the front are brands like GM, Ford and Toyota, all of which have a market share of over 14 percent each. In October alone, Ford sold 184,108 vehicles on the US market, more than Audi and Tesla in the whole of 2018. Only the F-series was sold by Ford in October; the manufacturer sold all models from January to October 2018 with 1,987,481 vehicles included.

Tesla has overtaken Audi in terms of sales figures in the USA since August 2018 - however, compared to GM, Ford and Toyota, both manufacturers sell at an extremely low level there. Tesla's Model X will soon attack Audi with the likewise all-electric e-tron (picture).

Other manufacturers much stronger

According to the US vehicle valuation and automotive research company Kelley Blue Book, three models increased in US sales in the first six months of this year: the JeepCherokee with 39.8 percent, the Toyota Tacoma with 22.9 percent and the Jeep Wrangler with 34.9 percent. The top ten models with the highest growth only include vehicles from GM (Chevrolet), Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler (Jeep, Ram) and Honda.

The Tesla has seen more cars since August 2018 While being sold in the US market as Audi is an indication of the growth of the Americans, this battle is currently taking place at the lower end of the sales statistics. It is difficult to predict whether Tesla will quickly succeed in reaching the top third of sales - the way is still very long.

Takes over the chief position on the Tesla board of directors from Elon Musk: Australian Robyn Denholm.

Contact Denholm had already dealt with the automotive industry in her earlier career: from 1989 to 1996 she worked in the finance department of Toyota Australia. She also worked in the tech industry - including at the computer and software manufacturer Sun Microsystems and the network equipment supplier Juniper Networks. Denholm did not become CFO at Telstra until October 1, 2018 - she will continue the job at the same time until the expiry of her notice period on May 6, 2019.

Dani Heyne
Tesla is now offering the Model 3 as a new entry-level model for 45,000 dollars (currently around 39,320 euros).

The newThe entry-level version of the Model 3 can now be ordered on the Tesla website. Deliveries are to begin in February 2019 - however, the American manufacturer is known for massive delays, announced dates are often pushed back months.

to sell the specimen for 500 dollars (about 434 euros). The pyromaniac equipment sold under the brand 'The Boring Company' (tunneling and infrastructure company founded by Musk) has now been delivered and should have brought in $ 3.5 million (EUR 3.04 million). Now the next trick: As always on Twitter, Musk announces a tequila called 'Teslaquila'. On October 8, 2018, Tesla signed up for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office protect the trademark for future use. Agave schnapps (mezcal) and blue agave schnapps (tequila) are to be sold under the brand.

Perhaps Elon Musk was inspired by US actor George Clooney: In June 2017, he and Tequila brand Casamigos, founded by his buddy Rande Gerber, was sold to the British beverage company Diageo for 700 million dollars (608 million euros). Depending on how well Casamigos tequila sells over the next three years, up to 300 million dollars (260 million euros) could be added. So, should Teslaquila be successful, Musk could make a substantial profit on the sale of the brand. A spicy detail on the side: George Clooney was one of the first Tesla customers, according to his own statement, he was buyer number five. In 2013, he complained in interviews that his Tesla would often break down on the roadside. Elon Musk tweeted furiously that Clooney would soon also complain if his old iPhone 1 had a bug.

Teslaquila was born out of an April Fool's joke: On April 1st, Musk tweeted that Tesla was broke. Now he is unconscious and surrounded by Teslaquila bottles.

Elon Musk /Tesla
Label of his planned Teslaquila published by Elon Musk on Twitter.

More games for Tesla -Driver

Musk is also urgently looking for game developers. With the current Tesla software update, several Atari classic games are already in the car, which can be played with the steering wheel as a joystick replacement or via the touchscreen. With Missile Command (Shoot 'em up or 'Ballerspiel' /1980), Asteroids (Shoot' em up /1979), Lunar Lander (simulation, Atari version from 1979) and Centipede (Shoot 'em up /1980), Tesla- Inmates are now immersed in the arcade machine era of the late 1970s /early 1980s. Tempest (Shoot 'em up /1980) and Pole Position (cult racing simulation by Nacmo and Atari /1982) could follow. This is how Teslas should become one of the most entertaining vehicles on the market.

James Murdoch traded as Musk's successor

According to a report in the Financial Times, James Murdoch is already an independent member of the board of directors, which is otherwise primarily occupied by family members and friends of Elon Musk. Murdoch has already signaled interest in the chief position, according to the Financial Times - the place should be occupied by mid-November. Murdoch previously held posts in his family-controlled media group 21st Century Fox. The company is currently selling large parts of its business to Disney, whereupon Murdoch wants to leave the company.

James Murdoch is the fourth child of Rupert Murdoch. The 45-year-old was born in London and has both British and American citizenship. He broke off his film and history studies at Harvard University, then he made a career in his father's company. He supports the Clinton Foundation of ex-President Bill Clinton, which is dedicated to climate protection, development aid and improving medical care.

However, James Murdoch is not the only one to be traded as Musk's successor: Al Gore, US Vice President under Bill Clinton and until today climate protection activist, as well as the ex-Boeing boss Jim McNerney are also considered candidates Musk leaves Tesla Board of Directors

Elon Musk has given in in the dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission: He may remain Tesla CEO, but is for at least three years the chairmanship of the superordinate administrative board. In addition, he and Tesla each have to pay $ 20 million (the equivalent of around 17.2 million euros).

On August 7, 2018, Musk indicated on Twitter that Tesla was off the stock exchange at a price of $ 420 per share to take. As a hint, he added 'Funding secured'. The Tesla shares increased in value by ten percent. When the doubts about the project alwaysgot stronger, the price collapsed again - three weeks later Musk dropped the plan. This called the powerful SEC on the scene. In a lawsuit, she accused Musk of deliberately or recklessly deceiving investors. After Musk's tweet, investors should have assumed a deal had been agreed, which encouraged them to buy shares. However, Musk had only spoken informally with potential donors about the withdrawal from the stock market, and there were no legally binding decisions. The total of 40 million dollars from Musk and Tesla are intended for the aggrieved investors.

Musk's position significantly weakened

With the current agreement, the SEC is withdrawing its lawsuit. This could have had far-reaching consequences for Musk. The stock exchange regulator originally urged him to be banned for life from board positions in all listed US companies. However, his position is now weakened. He will be replaced on the Board of Directors by an independent chairman, and two new independent members will join the board. According to the SEC, the body should also closely monitor Musk's communication with investors - after all, his tweet came as a surprise to his colleagues in the Tesla executive suite.

The board of directors is not just a control body at US companies, he also determines the future company strategy. As the boss, Elon Musk always had the council behind him and therefore had complete control over Tesla. This has now been over for at least three years - but he could have got away with a two-year ban, according to a report in the New York Times. Musk turned down the originally proposed deal, and the SEC filed a lawsuit. In addition, he is threatened with further trouble: According to US media reports, the US Justice Department is also investigating the announced withdrawal from the stock market. And after Musk explicitly called the British diver Vernon Unsworth, who was involved in the rescue of the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave, a pedophile, Unsworth reportedly charged him with insult.

Danger for Tesla because of Trump's trade war

The attempt of the current US President Donald Trump to protect the domestic industry with punitive tariffs hits the US electric car maker Tesla hard. The trade war that broke off with China due to the punitive tariffs is leading to a massive slump in Tesla sales in the People's Republic, as the rating and analysis company S&P Global determined. In July, the export of electric cars from the USA to China fell by 82.8 percent compared to the previous year. In retaliation for increased tariffs on Chinese products, China raised tariffs on imported cars from the US by 25 percentage points to 40 percent.

Most of the decline is likely to hit Tesla, as no other US manufacturersignificant numbers of electric cars exported to China. In addition, China is the most important market for Tesla after the USA. In 2017, the Californians were able to double their sales there. As a first measure, Tesla has increased the prices for Model S and Model X in China. In addition, a gigafactory of its own is to be built in Shanghai - but it will be years before it starts production.

Not attractive for executives

Meanwhile, Tesla boss Elon Musk has another important issue Managers cope. In early September 2018, Chief Accountant Dave Morton left Tesla after just one month in office. As a reason he gave the immense public interest in the car maker and the high pace of work. Now, with Justin McAnear, another high-ranking employee from the finance department is on the run. In addition, HR manager Gaby Toledano is leaving the company.

Musk is meanwhile relaxed in public: During an event with stand-up comedian Joe Rogan, which was broadcast live on the Internet, Musk drank whiskey and pot - smoking marijuana is now legal in some US states, including California. This behavior did not go down well on the stock market: the share fell by nine percent.

Model 3 profitable according to US engineer

US engineer Sandy Munro meanwhile claimed that the model 3 is a highly profitable car for Tesla and could generate more returns than BMW with the i3 or Chevrolet with the Bolt. At the beginning of February 2017, Murno, head of the engineering firm Munro & Associates, Inc., which he founded, was very skeptical of the Tesla Model 3 he had just examined. This is how the ex-Ford engineer described the hidden one in a video on the US online channel Autoline Access to the interruption of the power supply and the missing mechanical door opener in the rear as a security deficiency. He was also bothered by the varying and sometimes lush gap dimensions of the Tesla as well as the poorly processed door seals. In a new video, Murno now makes a 180-degree turn.

Enthusiastic about the electronic components

Munro doesn't say a word more about the security and workmanship of the Model 3. He completely dismantled the electric car at his company location in Auburn Hills (55 kilometers northwest of Detroit in the US state of Michigan) and is enthusiastic about the individual components. Murno sings the praises of the deep integration of the electronic components. He is also convinced of the battery: New cells of the type 2170 are installed there. These cells are 20 percent larger than the previous battery (from Model S and Model X) and, thanks to a new chemical composition, deliver 50 percent more power.

Model 3 margin should be 30 percent

Sandy Murno also claims to have found out that Tesla can build the Model 3 with a profit margin of 30 percent.In addition to the high level of integration of electronic components, the reason is the use of very inexpensive components. The inside mirror of a Model 3 would cost only $ 29.48 (25.19 euros), while the parts for the BMW i3 cost 93.46 dollars (79.87 euros) and the Chevrolet Bolt 164.83 dollars (141.59 euros) Euros) are much more expensive. Immediately afterwards Munro held a sheet of paper in the camera on which a comparison of the interior mirror weights can be seen: The Tesla component weighs 370 grams, the mirror of the BMW 800 grams and that of the Chevy 910 grams. The reason for the different prices and weights is that the Tesla mirror has no frame and no functions that can be operated via buttons. The BMW mirror has two buttons and the Bolt's mirror also has a display for the reversing camera. Murno has long been a fan of making systems less complex - in his opinion it increases the quality.

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Financial situation very tense

As the Wall Street Journal reports, Tesla is asking its suppliers to repay amounts from invoices that have already been paid. These bills go back to 2016. Noteworthy: Tesla emphasizes that these repayments are important to keep the business going - the money is an investment in a common future with common growth. So far nothing is known about the amount of the requested amounts. Consultant Dennis Virag, founder and head of the Automotive Consulting Group, Inc. from Ann Arbor, Michigan, describes the desire for retrospective discounts as desperate and ridiculous, because Tesla is concerned about its own profitability, but not the profitability of its suppliers Think about it.

Tesla has never admitted liquidity problems. Starting up Model 3 production has apparently become expensive for the company. In return, the sale of the coveted Model 3 currently does not seem to generate enough profit. The business news service Bloomberg claims to have calculated that Tesla consumed $ 7,430 per minute in the first quarter of 2018, which would mean a capital outflow of one billion dollars (855 million euros) in the period mentioned. Skeptical analysts are now asking aloud whether Tesla could run out of money this year, and investment banking firm Goldman Sachs believes the manufacturer willTen billion dollars (8.55 billion euros) of fresh capital will be required by the end of 2020.

In May 2018, Tesla boss Elon Musk was optimistic that he would be able to meet the capital requirements for the second half of the year with increasing sales he wins in prospect. In the meantime, the discussion about the Model 3 pre-orders has flared up again. The occasion is an analysis report on the basis of which the New York investment bank Needham & Company downgraded Tesla shares from “hold” to “sell”. An analyst for the bank told the US business channel CNBC that the cancellations and thus the refunds would have overtaken the number of new orders and thus down payments. Reasons are the unavailability of the $ 35,000 basic model, the expiry of tax subsidies in the USA and the long waiting time. Musk counters this by saying that in the previous week, minus cancellations, there were 5,000 new orders for Model 3.

High price for increased production

Why Tesla every day despite the potentially high profit margin with Model 3 Writes losses, the expert does not comment on this. Most recently, Tesla boss Elon Musk struggled to finally build the long-announced 5,000 Model 3 per week. In the last week of June it finally worked, even if the price was high: machines were flown in from Germany by expensive air, a third production line was built in a tent, workers were withdrawn from the now stagnant Model S production and the California Occupational Safety and Health Agency is a permanent guest at the facility in Fremont, California. In August, production is expected to increase to 6,000 and, in the medium term, to 8,000 copies per week. For comparison: VW built more than 18,570 Golfs per week in 2017.

420,000 Model 3 pre-orders have not yet been processed. The $ 35,000 base variant is still not available. And although everyone who has pre-ordered a Model 3 has already paid an advance of $ 1,000, everyone who wants their car to be built faster should now put in another $ 2,500.

Investors want more peace and quiet Work

Elon Musk's nervous system suffered noticeably during the Model 3 production problems. So he accused the media of general misreporting via Twitter. For the rescue of the young people recently trapped in a Thai cave, he presented a submarine that was locally classified as unsuitable. The British diver Vern Unsworth, who was involved in the successful rescue, disguised Musk's submarine with clear words as a PR gag. Musk responded via Twitter with a statement that could be offensive. Meanwhile, Musk apologized for that. His investors are slowly becoming uncomfortable with Musk's behavior: For example, James Anderson from the Tesla boss wants more peace and quiet and concentration on work.Anderson's fund holds four billion dollars (the equivalent of around 3.4 billion euros) in Tesla shares.

Tesla announces withdrawal from stock market withdrawal

Tesla boss Elon Musk kept the financial world with it for 17 days his daring plan for the electric car pioneer to withdraw from the stock market in suspense. Now the daring plan to take Tesla off the stock exchange has been buried again after just two weeks. As the Wirtschaftswoche reports, this action could have serious legal consequences. According to the US media, the SEC has already sent subpoenas for misleading statements and possible market manipulation, and there is also a threat of lawsuits. Over 15 law firms round up shareholders who are deceived by Musk. As the Wall Street Journal reports, a possible VW involvement could also be behind Musk's change of plan. VW reportedly wanted to invest $ 30 billion in Tesla along with other investors like Silver Lake. But Elon Musk refused because VW would have had too much influence.

Previously, Tesla boss Elon Musk wanted to take his company off the stock exchange. “I think it's the best way forward,” he wrote to the employees of the electric car company in a circular on Tuesday (7/8/2018). Tesla published the letter under the maximum pressure of the financial markets - Musk had previously caused such chaos on the stock market with his tweets that trading in the share has meanwhile been stopped. The Financial Times had reports that the Saudi state fund had entered Tesla on a large scale and held up to 5 percent of Tesla's shares. Then Musk announced in a tweet that he was considering privatizing Tesla at a share price of $ 420, i.e. taking it off the stock exchange. The financing for this has already been secured. A final decision has not yet been made.


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