Tesla Model 3 as a convertible: Open, but not beautiful

Newport Convertible Engineering
Tesla Model 3 as a convertible
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The Tesla M odel 3 is a four-door, all-electric mid-range sedan. Tesla has been delivering the sedan-based SUV Model Y for the US market since Friday March 13, 2020, and German customers can expect the first deliveries from the beginning of 2021. As a visually harmonious single copy, Youtuber Simone Giertz and friends converted a Model 3 into a pickup in mid-2019 - but this did not encourage Tesla to series production. And the electric car manufacturer still does not seem to be thinking of classic body variants based on Model 3 such as coupés or convertibles. Now Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) from Huntington Beach, located in the southern metropolitan area of ​​LA, is remedying the situation with its own conversion. -article__inline__img '>

Newport Convertible Engineering
Strawberry basket handle à la VW Golf I convertible and a loose one on the rear Lying fabric roof on the Telsa Model 3 Convertible from Newport Convertible Engineering.

Simple conversion

NCE is an experienced body -Converter - if you want a Mercedes G-Class as a convertible, you can get it there as well as a Rolls-Royce Ghost convertible or similar the an armored Lexus SUV. The Tesla Model 3 are the Specialists approached particularly fearlessly: To ensure the rigidity of the vehicle base despite the loss of the roof, comeadditional reinforcement struts in the body; there is also a prominent strawberry cup bar between the rows of seats. When open, the convertible roof lies like a collar on the rear of the Model 3 - just as it was known for convertibles for many years.

Newport Convertible Engineering
With the fabric roof closed, the appearance of the Model 3 is rated 'questionable'.

Difficult to look at when closed

The fact that the Model 3 Convertible is intended for open-top driving becomes abundantly clear when closed: The deformed fabric cover at the back is a little reminiscent of the rear design of the less famous PT Cruiser Convertible Chrysler tried from 2004 to 2007.

For comparison: The roofline of the original Tesla Model 3 fits perfectly.

High prices

NCE offers the somewhat coarse convertible conversion for 29,500 dollars (currently the equivalent of around 27,058 euros) - those who want an electrically lockable roof pay a hefty 39,500 dollars (36,230 euros). For all interested parties: NCE is also represented in Europe, the branch is in Barcelona.


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