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Skoda Superb Facelift (2019): Plus displacement for basic diesel

Skoda Superb Facelift (2019)
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First plug-in hybrid from Skoda

This includes the premiere of the first The brand's plug-in hybrid drive and the first Scout version for the Superb. But one after the other, also for the basic models, which use the same technical basis as the VW Passat, there is something to report. At first glance they appear only slightly modified. Thanks in part to the redesigned front apron, with which the sedan grows to a length of 4,869 millimeters and the station wagon to 4,862 millimeters. In addition, there is now a Skoda lettering on the rear instead of the logo and the interior has fresh new design elements such as chrome applications, new seat covers and decors.

Full LED light for the Superb

There is also more choice in the assistance systems. Firstly, the Emergency Assist for multi-lane roads, which controls the car in an emergency and stops it safely. To do this, he uses systems such as the lane keeping and park steering assistant. On the other hand, there is an adaptive cruise control that not only adapts the speed to the vehicle in front, but also includes speed limits and curves in the control Cockpit and gesture control. Standard on board is the possibilityTo connect smartphones and an integrated SIM card that provides Internet access and allows access to mobile online services.

Large variety of drives with gasoline, diesel and a hybrid

The classic drives are a total of six motors to choose from. Three petrol engines from the 1.5 TSI with 150 PS to the 2.0 TSI with 272 PS and a maximum of 350 Nm torque, as well as three diesels. The previous entry-level diesel (1.6-liter TDI with 120 PS) is no longer in the portfolio. In its place, a two-liter machine with 122 hp and seven-speed DSG takes over from 21,963 euros (Active). It continues with diesels with up to the 2.0 TDI with 190 PS and a maximum of 400 Newton meters of torque.

Superb for the first time as a Scout

The Superb Scout is 15 mm higher and has all-wheel drive as standard.

This also includes the Superb Scout im discreet off-road look, which, as a crossover, apparently tries to narrow the gap to the popular SUV. To do this, it always combines the automatic transmission with the top petrol or diesel engine and with all-wheel drive and is only available as a station wagon. A rough road package also gives it 15 millimeters more ground clearance and the more robust appearance includes details such as bumpers with underrun protection at the front and rear as well as additional plastic panels. There are also special design elements in the interior, such as decorative strips in a wood look. But the Superb Scout can not only be pretty, but also practical. The trunk volume remains unchanged at 660 liters and can be expanded to up to 1,950 liters. In addition, it can tow loads of up to 2,200 kilograms.

How much the Superb iV is allowed here is not yet known. Incidentally, the abbreviation iV not only denotes the new plug-in hybrid version of the Superb, which uses the technology of the VW Passat GTE, but is also the name of a new e-mobility sub-brand. In the future, Skoda would like to summarize all electrified models on the one hand, and on the other hand to develop further services related to e-mobility. For example, wallboxes in various performance levels and the Skoda E-Charge Card, which should enable cross-country and cross-provider charging, are being considered.

Plug-in hybrid drives 56 km electrically

But it will take a while until then, because the Superb iV will only be on the market at the beginning of 2020. As a plug-in hybrid, it uses a drive mix of a 1.4 TSI petrol engine with 115 kW (156 hp) and an 85 kW electric motor, combined with a 6-speed DSG. The maximum system output is 160 kW (218 PS). Thanks to the 13 kWh battery, the Superb can travel up to 56 kilometers purely on electricity according to the WLTP cycle. Then it recharges in around three and a half hours on a 3.6 kW wallbox. Alternatively, this can also be done while driving. In addition, the driver can specifically retain energy in the battery, for example to be able to drive purely electrically at the end of the route within a city.

However, the additional technology does not get into the car without any losses. It reduces the loading volume of the sedan from 625 to 485 liters, and of the station wagon from 660 to 510 liters. There are two assistance systems exclusively for the plug-in hybrids: the Trailer Assist, which helps when maneuvering backwards with trailers, and the Area View system, which offers a 360-degree all-round view. As a sedan, the Superb Hybrid is available from 41,590 euros; the estate version costs 42,590 euros. Both can be ordered from around mid-October.


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