Renault Laguna Grandtour 2.0 Turbo in the test

J├╝rgen Decker, Christian Gebhard, Beate Jeske, Christine Oehling, Reinhard Schmid, Hans-Dieter Seufert
Renault Laguna Grandtour 2.0 Turbo
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D afor whoever it messes with, the Laguna comes along after 100,000 kilometers. Inside, leather and decorative wood have a delicate patina, only bad roads elicit a quiet chirping from the dashboard from the otherwise rattle-free station wagon. And on the outside it looks fresh with its shiny paintwork. But there was the encounter with a deer in the forest (a victory for Renault through a capital knockout) and the tussle with a Jaguar on the B 10 (narrow draw). After such duels, he nibbled marten or grazed the front wheel arch of a fleeing vehicle unimpressed.

Endurance test candidate Renault Laguna Grandtour makes a solid start

All endurance test injuries are only incidental matters without any influence on the overall rating. In contrast to reliability. The Renault Laguna Grand Tour does not have a proud legacy. Its predecessor accumulated seven unplanned workshop stops and 18 defects in the endurance test, including many electronic errors. The Renault Laguna 3 avoids such inconveniences, it makes a solid start and receives praise for its lavish equipment including navigation system, leather upholstery and bi-xenon headlights. The fact that it sometimes disappoints on long trips is due to its suspension setup. Although it is above suspicion of being a sporty car because of its imprecise and low-feedback steering, it rumbles harshly over bumps. He is otherwise good at relaxed long distances.

Then the six-speed automatic and two-liter engine cooperate smoothly with each other. The long geared transmission slips gently through the gears, does not force the start-up engine, which is somewhat tired in spite of the supercharging, at high speeds. The combination works less harmoniously with a faster journey. It confuses the automatic system, it frantically jumps through the corridors. Manual interventions help only to a limited extent because the box shifts up and downshifts with a delay.

Renault Laguna Grandtour with high consumption and low range

The drive train is far from being economical, on average The Laguna consumes 11.2 liters /100 km in the long-term test - and thus more than the 30 PS more VW Passat Variant 2.0 TFSI (10.8 liter Super Plus /100 km) in the long-term test. That the Renault Laguna Grandtour is satisfied with super,reduces costs somewhat, but not the annoyance of the limited range. It is just as difficult to come to terms with the service. Switches and buttons are scattered around as if they had been fired at the cockpit with a shotgun from a great distance - the cruise control switch hits between the front seats, the one for heated seats on the seat frame, and the parking beeper on the left knee. The verdict on the easily programmable navigation system, which calculates routes quickly, is positive.

The space in the rear and the load volume (508 to 1,593 liters) seem a little tightly calculated for a 4.80 meter long mid-range station wagon. Ford Mondeo Tournament (554 to 1,745 liters) or Skoda Superb Combi (633 to 1,865 liters) transport passengers and luggage much less crowded. The Renault Laguna Grandtour doesn't want to be the most spacious - it's better to be elegant and clever: with a flat rear and practical details such as the spring-loaded rear seat backrests that flatten with a tap, with the low loading sill, the separately opening rear window or the effective automatic climate control the temperature reliably maintains and the flow intensity can be finely modulated if required.

When the odometer reading is 61,077, the trouble with the gearbox begins

The Renault Laguna Grandtour is very popular in the fleet - and initially more robust Health. Because the repair costs up to a mileage of 61,077 add up to 1.56 euros for a broken clip on the bonnet support, Renault does not seem particularly daring to offer a three-year or 150,000-kilometer guarantee for a new vehicle. But then the trouble begins with the transmission. When the odometer reading is 61.077, the message appears on the display: Overheating. After a restart, the warning disappears - for 2,643 km. No error is stored in the memory, but the mechanics decide to change the entire box. The first unplanned workshop appointment culminates in a gear transplant. The exchange outside of the guarantee and without goodwill would have cost 10,053 euros and 57 cents - more than a new Twingo. Even the podium of the Grand Tour in the defect index does not gloss over such a major defect.

Renault Laguna test car had to be serviced every 20,000 km

Damage two in the long-term test of the Renault Laguna - a defective temperature sensor and the injection control unit - looks almost harmless, this is also replaced under guarantee. In contrast to wearing parts such as brake pads and discs, which cost 966 euros over the distance (Passat 252 euros). The service costs are also not very refreshing: Renault has now extended the intervals for the Laguna to 30,000 kilometers, and the test car still had to be serviced every 20,000 km. A total of 2,178 euros was spent on it, 500 of them for oil alone. For comparison: The Passat only needed three inspections, which cost 927 euros with oil. The high costs for maintenance and gasoline drive themExpenses at 19.2 cents /km. Despite the good overall results of the Renault Laguna Grandtour in the endurance test, its owners must be able to afford to buy it.


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