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R an externally our two test cars have a lot in common. Almost mandatory at Mazda: The paintwork in magma red. The design of both vehicles follows the so-called Kodo line with the aim of creating simple beauty without appearing overloaded. At least that's what the manufacturer says - for the customer it remains, as always, a question of taste. If the 2.2-liter diesel with 184 hp does not suit your taste, that would be bad now, because both opponents have it under the hood. Of course there are also a lot of differences (in detail below in the complete video), and we will now explain them out.

The format

The editors Patrick Lang and Thomas Grau deliver in the format either OR always the purchase advice for two models from the same manufacturer to find out which car is the better for you.

Let's first explain quickly, what to expect here. In our “Either OR” format, the two editors Patrick Lang and Thomas Grau always compare two vehicles from the same manufacturer. We do not collect any measurement data or test according to the classic auto motor und sport scheme. This is about buying advice and finding out which of the two models is right for you. We take a look at the configurator, check the interior, the exterior and the trunk. In addition, there are of course impressions from driving in terms of clarity, comfort, sportiness, assistance systems and so on. Depending on which criteria can be applied to the respective vehicles.

Small price differences

For the customer, the initial question is also the search for the difference: where are the carspriced? We'll reveal right away that the huge difference isn't lurking here. Our test cars each carry the top equipment line Sports-Line and cost 39,390 euros (CX-5) and 39,090 euros (6 station wagons) in this form. Including all the extras that are in the SUV and station wagon, the difference narrows even further to 43,740 euros for the long and 43,480 euros for the elevated. In the base, however, the CX-5 is exactly 1,600 cheaper at 26,990 euros.

The SUV with the large diesel engine drives all four wheels. In the lower equipment lines (Prime and Center) there is only front-wheel drive. A unique selling point for the CX-5? One might think, but that's not the case. The Mazda 6 is also available with all-wheel drive on request, provided the 184 hp diesel provides the drive. In our pairing, however, we did without this option and so the power in the station wagon is only forward.

Chic and not very dynamic

And what does the car do with the power it offers? Mazda specifies 445 Newton meters, and full power is available from 2,000 revolutions. Things are progressing quickly, elastic if necessary, but the values ​​read more spectacularly than they actually feel. In combination with the somewhat indifferent steering, the overall impression is a little dynamic. But the interior is comfortable and, above all, chic. This is ensured by good seats, nappa leather and real wood decor in a unit of high quality. In addition, the surcharge policy was designed very humane. With the Sports-Line Plus package, for example, there is nappa leather trim, 19-inch models in silver gray, a dark headliner, ambient lighting and various chrome elements for a total of 4,140 euros. With other manufacturers, the leather alone is more expensive.

The CX-5 is rather sedan-like in view of the suspension comfort it offers, which overall fits the vehicle concept with a raised seating position and a generous sense of space. In return, the SUV naturally nods off when braking, and leans significantly deeper into the corners than its rival. Nothing can be tightened, because we don't have different driving modes on board. But it doesn't have to be, because the CX-5 will no longer be an athlete in this life. If you would now like to go into even more detail with us; find out which extras are worthwhile and which are not; want to find out more about the interior, driving experience and design - then just have a look at the complete episode Either OR directly here.

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