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Price drop at Tesla: Model 3, Y, S and X are getting cheaper

About three months after the last price reduction, the Tesla models in Germany are becoming significantly cheaper again. Model 3 is particularly cheap.

At Tesla, it is part of the corporate culture and image to swim against the tide. Regarding the prices of its cars, the US manufacturer says: If all our competitors are getting more expensive, we will go the opposite way and make our products cheaper. This happened in January - and now again in mid-April.

A positive side effect that was already achieved shortly after the beginning of the year is intensified: since both the Model 3 and the Model Y do not exceed the 45,000 euro mark for the basic model, both vehicles enjoy the full environmental bonus for e- Cars customized for 2023. The price for the two vehicles is reduced by a further 6,750 euros (net). The state will pay 4,500 euros, and the carmaker will pay another 2,250 euros. ,

Tesla Model 3 for less than 40,000 euros

This has a positive effect on the Tesla Model 3 in particular. At the turn of the year, the rear-wheel drive basic model with a WLTP range of 491 kilometers cost 49,990 euros. In mid-January, the starting price fell to 43,990 euros. Now the price has slipped again, down to 41,990 euros. If you deduct the environmental bonus, the cheapest Tesla in Germany including all fees (e.g. transfer) only costs 38,470 euros.

With the twin-engine variants, customers benefit from even greater price reductions. The "maximum range" version (602 kilometers according to WLTP) is now available for EUR 50,990 (before premium deduction) or EUR 47,470 (after premium deduction). In January, its price fell from 59,490 to 53,990 euros. Buyers of a Model 3 Performance with a WLTP range of 547 kilometers save as much as 6,000 euros: the list price is now 54,990 euros instead of 60,990 euros; after premium deduction it is 51,470 euros. For comparison: Previously, 63,490 euros were due for this version.

Tesla Model Y Performance is getting cheaper

With the current Tesla bestseller Model Y, the new price round will initially only affect the performance top model (533 kilometers WLTP range). Here the price drops from 64,990 to 60,990 euros or 57,470 euros after deducting the environmental bonus. Otherwise, the January tariffs still apply to the Model Y: the price of the rear-wheel drive entry-level Tesla Model Y fell by 9,100 to 44,890 euros. The Tesla Model Y Long Range still costs 54,900 euros; before it was 2,000 euros more.

Model S and X also cheaper

Unlike in January, Tesla's luxury models Model S and Model X are now also cheaper - by a whopping 10,000 euros and across all model variants. The Model S with two engines and four-wheel drive now costs 102,990 euros, the three-engine and 1,020 hp Plaid variant is now for 127.990 euros to have. The identically powered Model X counterparts cost 110,990 and 130,990 euros respectively. Incidentally, none of these models qualify for the environmental bonus; despite the price reduction, they are consistently too expensive.

According to Tesla, the reason for the price reduction is improvements in the design and manufacturing processes; "The transformation from cost-intensive small-series products to cheaper mass-series vehicles" has now been completed. In addition, the stabilization of the supply chains has helped to normalize cost inflation and the increase in local vehicle production and the associated economies of scale also help that the savings can be passed on to customers.

If you want to read more about the e-car premium, you can find all the information here - or listen to the podcast , in which all the important points about the new e-car premium are explained:

You can find it in the gallery the images from the comparison of the Tesla Model Y with the Ford Mustang Mach-E , Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 .

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Tesla significantly lowers prices for Model 3 and Y again; the Model S and X are also cheaper now. The current tariff for the entry-level model is particularly tempting: After deduction of the environmental bonus, the Tesla Model 3 is now available for less than 40,000 euros.


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