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Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTi Biturbo in the driving report: Twice as cool

Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTi Biturbo in the driving report
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G strictly speaking, it is the late bloomer among the diesel engines - the new 2.0 CDTi biturbo. Opel had already announced the top version of the two-liter engine in spring 2009 as a particularly powerful and economical drive, but the power diesel is only now being delivered in the Insignia. what happened there?

The engineers back then did not enjoy the first test drives as they expected, which is why the four-cylinder was fundamentally redesigned. The effort was worth it, as the data sheet reveals: 320 Newton meters are available at 1,250 tours, and from 1,750 rpm this value increases to 400 Nm. The consumption should be less than five liters /100 km. No joke.

Opel Insignia sprints to Tompo 100 in 8.7 seconds

In addition to the latest common rail injection and dual charging, this is made possible by separate air coolers for the two Loader. Because while the turbochargers compress the air, it warms up and expands, which would drive consumption and exhaust gases up. Thanks to the clever cooling, the temperature of the compressed air drops from 220 to 50 degrees Celsius. Opel has given the small turbo, which works up to 2,500 revolutions, its own very short water cooling circuit. The larger loader, which starts at 2,500 tours, is air-cooled separately.

After the first few meters, there is really only one thing missing: the gentle whistling of the loader. Your musical commitment would fit, because the Opel Insignia Biturbo burns forward as confidently as only turbos can. The full thrust starts shortly after idling and lasts up to 4,500 revolutions. Wuuuuschhh. In 8.7 seconds are 100 km /h, at 230 km /h the propulsion ends.

Automatic converter and all-wheel drive are available for an extra charge

It's good that the diesel engine of the Opel Insignia Biturbo has the typical diesel nailing largely pinched and a harmonious friendship with the standard six-speed manual transmission. Those who prefer to change the six gears automatically have to plan in addition to the 33,405 euros basic price of the Opel Insignia Biturbo a further 1,695 euros. The all-wheel drive with electronic Haldex clutch and active power distribution on the rear axle is available from 3,180 euros extra. If you treat yourself to a 4x4, you can also order the Super Sport chassis, which will be available from March, and get the sporty front axle and the Brembo brake system in the packageof the OPC.

Even with the electronic guardian angels, the Opel Insignia is getting better and better: for the first time, an automatic adaptive cruise control (1,300 euros) is available - making it a modern early brake.


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