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Opel Astra K driving report: This is how Opel wants to be dangerous for the Golf

New Opel Astra in the driving report
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D he star of the Opel Astra had recently become a little dull . Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia pushed him to fourth place in the Europe-wide sales hit parade in 2014. The new Opel Astra should now return to the podium and at least finish second - behind the Golf. 'We were actually able to start on a blank sheet of paper,' says Astra chief developer Marc Schmidt and immediately mentions a few key figures for the vehicle architecture: Depending on the model, the new four-door model is 120 to 200 kilograms lighter , 9 cm) and 1.46 meters high (minus 2.6 cm).

Opel Astra with improved material quality

Smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside? Indeed - at the front the prototypes appear airy as is customary in this class, while at the rear leg and headroom are sufficient for passengers who are more than 1.90 meters tall. The all-round view is said to have improved by ten percent because the C-pillar and the area around the A-pillar have been optimized. In addition to the chassis of the Opel Astra, the material quality and the seams have also been improved, announced Schmidt. In addition, there is the optional use of the OnStar telematics service, matrix LED light with glare-free permanent high beam as a premiere in this class and engines from the latest Opel generations from 95 to 200 hp.

Positive impression after the first exit

'The three-cylinder turbo with 105 hp from Corsa and Adam releases 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine with 115 hp ”, explains Matthias Alt, who led the development of gasoline engines up to 1.4 liter displacement:“ A 1.4 is brand new in the range of diesels and gasoline engines between 95 and 200 hp -Liter turbo gasoline engine with 145 hp. The direct injection saves at least ten grams of CO2 compared to its predecessor with 140 hp. ”We were able to drive both engines in the four-door Opel Astra (the caravan is due in early 2016) over winding country roads. Even the quiet one-liter is no boring, the 1.4-liter turns happily and sounds good. What else did you notice? Fixed handling, precise steering, good suspension comfort even without adaptive dampers.


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