Nissan Max-Out: electric roadster manifests itself

Nissan is working on its electric future. In 2021, the Max-Out Concept made its virtual debut. At the beginning of 2023, the electric convertible will appear in the real world.


Under the banner of Nissan Futures, the Japanese presented the Max-Out electric convertible in purely virtual form in November 2021 as part of the publication of their electrification strategy up to 2030. In the 2023 edition of Nissan Futures, visitors can admire the Max-Out as a real concept car.

Convertible with electric drive

The two-seater Nissan Max-Out convertible is based on the philosophy of bringing passengers and vehicle together into one unit. At the same time, the convertible approach exudes a feeling of freedom and openness. The point of driving dynamics should not be neglected. Nissan currently has no plans to mass-produce the Max-Out. Detailed information about the concept car is consequently not given by Nissan during the presentation. However, the concept is intended to show how social aspects can be reconciled with the demands of individuals.

The virtual concept car was designed on a new skateboard-like electric platform with one motor per axle. A solid-state battery should serve as the energy source. The two engines act as an advanced all-wheel drive, which Nissan calls e-4Force. Technologies for autonomous driving should also be on board.

Design like from the video game

Visually, the Max-Out is extremely angular. The rectangular radiator grille is framed by an LED light strip: the rear also has the same light signature. From the grille to the rear, the silhouette stretches as a gently curved line. The frameless windscreen grows directly out of the front hood with a flow of air. The interior of the Max-Out is reminiscent of early video games - Tron says hello here. A giant screen fills almost the entire width of the cockpit, the steering wheel looks like a game controller. The seat shells with retractable headrests appear to be floating next to the center tunnel. Illuminated grid lines on the floor and door panels create a futuristic look. A potential convertible top construction cannot be identified. The wheels hide behind displays that show funnel-shaped graphics.


Nissan turns the virtual study Max-Out from 2021 into a real concept car. However, the future of the concept remains in the dark. However, based on the projected solid-state batteries, a Nissan electric convertible is a long way off.


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