New Hyundai i40 (2019): engines, market launch, pictures

Erlkönig Hyundai i40 (2019)
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D Even in spite of the strong stickers, it is very easy to see that the new i40 carries some design elements of the Hyundai Le Fil Rouge study from the Geneva Motor Show 2018. The concept car with the French name, which translates as “the red thread”, gave an outlook on the upcoming design of the Koreans at the beginning of the year. For design chief Luc Donckerwolke, the focus was on new proportions, a long wheelbase and short overhangs.

Hyundai i40 also as a station wagon

In the new Hyundai i40, the study features the strong bead below the The window strip remained, and the passenger cell, which was strongly indented at the rear, was also visible in the study. The front of the middle grader will have a larger cascade grill and narrow headlight units. The apron is also given a new design. The Geneva study also showed initial signs. At the beginning of the year it also presented itself with a crisp rear end and strongly flared rear wheel arches.

Stefan Baldauf
Easy to see, the recessed passenger cell and the gently tapering roof.

Based on the four-door coupé concept, the Hyundai i40 also comes with a gently sloping roofline that ends in a pronounced trunk spoiler. The lights should be narrow. Overall, the new Hyundai i40 looks like a slim but dynamic sedan that could well compete with the competition á la VW Arteon. In Germany, the Hyundai i40 is currently only offered as a station wagon version, the sedan is on the market in the USA as the Sonata.

It is unclear whether the i40 will be available again as a sedan in Germany. This is supported by the fact that our Erlkönig pictures were taken in Germany.

Diesel engine as mild hybrid

Little can be said about the technology at the moment. The station wagon is currently available with the 1.7-liter CRDI with 116 and 141 hp, while the petrol models have a 1.6- and 2.0-liter with 135 or 165 hp. A two-liter mild hybrid diesel with 185 hp and a 48-volt electrical system should then be used in the new i40. The 1.7 liter CRDI will be followed by a 1.6 liter with an output of 136 hp. The petrol engines should also decrease in terms of consumption and increase in terms of performance. It is coupled to a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic.

The new i40 has a front-end collision prevention assistant and attention assistant as well as a speed limit warning and a surround view monitor for 360-degree all-round visibility.


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