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New BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo: Everything a little freshened up

New BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo
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D he BMW 6 Series GT is the longer hatchback variant of the 5 Series, which means that the two models are technically very similar, although the 6 Series has the wheelbase of the 7 Series, about ten centimeters longer. Visually, the Sedan and Gran Turismo are of course very different - and the redesigned 6 Series GT is a little different compared to the original version, which has been available since 2017. The kidney continues to pull outwards and the headlights adjoining it now have a flatter contour. Full LED matrix light is now standard, and the cornering light and high beam functions, which are also standard, control the GPS system, among other things. The air inlet under the bumper is divided into three parts on the facelift model. The areas of the rear apron are now distributed in such a way that they appear wider overall. And the tailpipe trims are now always trapezoidal, regardless of the engine.

The kidney, which extends further outwards, is supposed to increase the optical width.

News Operating system and Android Auto

The so-called Live Cockpit Professional is now standard. The digital instrument display and the control display each have a diagonal of 12.3 inches (approx. 31 centimeters). The control buttons in the center console now have a glossy black coating and the buttons on the multifunction sports steering wheel have been rearranged. Operating System 7 is now also used as the operating system for the 6 Series GT. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the system no longer only offers Apple Carplay, but also Android Auto. In addition, a remote software update is possible with the face-lifted 6-series GT.

The Live Cockpit Professional is now part of the standard scope.

All-wheel steering revised

On the chassis is an air suspension on the rear axle series, air springs for the front axle cost extra. What is new is that the rear axle steering is also active at speeds below three km /h. All-wheel drive is available as an option for all six-cylinder models.

New video recorder

When it comes to driving assistance systems, the 6 Series GT offers the same variety as the 5 Series. What is new is that the reversing assistant can take over the steering movement when driving up to 50 meters in length. And a new drive recorder saves everything around the vehicle on video for 40 seconds.

All motors get a 48-volt mild hybrid system.

All motors mildly hybridized

All engines of the 6 Series GT get a 48-volt mild hybrid system. This stores the energy recovered when braking in a battery and provides eleven horsepower more power when accelerating. A four-cylinder (630i with 258 hp) and a six-cylinder petrol engine (640i with 333 hp) as well as a four-cylinder (620d with 190 hp) and two six-cylinder diesels (630d with 286 hp and 640d with 340 hp) are available . So there is no 184-PS entry-level petrol engine from the 520i for the 6 Series GT. An eight-speed automatic is always responsible for the power transmission.

From July 2020

BMW will build the 6 Series GT at its plant in Dingolfing, Bavaria. Deliveries will start in July 2020, the prices are not yet known. The predecessor started at 60,600 euros, so a new entry price of around 62,000 euros is realistic.


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