Mercedes E-Class (W 213): The sedan is sold out

After the G-Class, there is no longer an E-Class sedan. Production of the W 213 is sold out until the 2023 model change. Until then, the customers only have the station wagon.

There are still seven existing vehicles that are offered for sale on the Mercedes website. The Stuttgart-based company still has seven E-Class sedans in stock on Valentine’s Day 2022 – the model can no longer be ordered new. The W 213 will roll off the assembly line in Sindelfingen until March 2023, when the model change is due. The production sites are apparently fully booked up to this point, as the blog mbpassion reports. Anyone who configures an e-limousine online will receive the note "Availability on request" at the end. The manufacturer confirms that.,

A spokesman told auto motor und sport: "We are very pleased about the continued strong demand for the E-Class. The steadily increasing number of orders worldwide means that our current production volume is exhausted and we Unfortunately, we cannot accept any further customer orders in Germany. A few exhibition, demonstration or dealer vehicles are still available to our customers. The E-Class Estate can still be ordered unchanged."

Estate still available

The estate version of the E-Class (S 213) seems to be less popular with customers. The station wagon remains available and will also be built until early 2023. Meanwhile, the Erlkönig versions of the upcoming W 214 can already be seen on the road. Although the new generation is improving in some respects (wheelbase, track width, equipment, etc.), it also has to accept compromises that could have led to the run on the current model generation.,

Because the 214 series will no longer be there with an eight-cylinder, even if the AMG lettering is emblazoned on the rear. Instead, the four-cylinder M 139 is to be used in an adapted and electrified form. The new model generation will be presented at the end of 2022.,


The sale at Mercedes continues. After the G-Class , the current E-Class is no longer available as a sedan. Up to the new W 214 model generation from March 2023, customers can only access existing vehicles. The production sites at the Sindefiningen plant are fully booked.


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