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Mercedes E-Class Coupé / Cabrio (A238 / C238): The information about the facelift

Daimler AG
Mercedes E-Class Coupé and Cabrio (A238 /C238)
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D he next generation the Mercedes E-Class will not come as W214 until 2023. In order to keep the current W213 series fresh until then, Mercedes is giving it a facelift. In March, Mercedes had already presented the refreshed E-Class in sedan form. The corresponding convertible and the refreshed Mercedes E-Class Coupé will be available at dealerships in autumn 2020.

New front with LED headlights

The new two-door E-Class are the easiest to arrive The lights: the headlights on the newly designed front are flatter, the rear lights have a redesigned interior. LED light is standard in each case. The grill was given a shape that Mercedes calls 'A-Shape'. In the grill sit a lamella, a central star and chrome-plated 'dots'. With the facelift, four colors have been added to the range: high-tech silver, graphite gray, metallic, Mojave silver and the design paint Patagonia red. New, aerodynamically designed wheels should help save fuel.

New steering wheel with smart sensors

Daimler AG
New technology and shape for the steering wheel.

Falling inside a steering wheel with slimmer spokes. The steering wheel rim contains a sensor mat that detects whether the driver is holding the steering wheel in his hand - previously, the so-called hands-off detection system looked for a hand moment. The touch controls in the left and right spokes are also new: They now work capacitively, similar to a smartphone display, and no longer optically as before.

Two 10.25-inch MBUX displays are available free of charge Board; For a surcharge, the screens can be increased to 12.3 inches diagonally - for a real widescreen experience. Who uses a Garmin Weaerable and the EnergizingCoach has ordered, light, music and massage programs can be adjusted to fitness parameters such as stress level and sleep quality.

Bump alarm with push message

The alarm system has also become more intelligent: it does not recognize only if the car is being towed, but also if someone bumps into the parked car. If someone breaks in, tows the car or drives against it, the alarm system sends information to the owner's smartphone. Damage is shown on the central screen when it starts.

Motors with electric boost

Daimler AG
The gasoline engines get an electric boost.

Get coupé and convertible just like the sedan, station wagon and all terrain, the straight six-cylinder petrol engine M 256 with 48-volt technology and an integrated starter generator (ISG). An electric motor with 16kW (22 HP) and 250 Newton meters (Nm) in the gearbox supplements the 272 HP and 500 Nm of the Otto. This means that the Coupé goes from zero to 100 km /h in 5.0 seconds. Mercedes specifies consumption at 8.0 to 8.5 liters of super.

A new version of the four-cylinder diesel engine, the OM 654 M, will be used in the fourth quarter of 2020. A new crankshaft increases the stroke from 92.3 to 94 millimeters. This increases the displacement from 1,950 to 1,993 cubic centimeters. A higher injection pressure and two turbochargers with variable turbine geometry increase the performance and should improve the response. An electric refrigerant compressor for the air conditioning system helps save fuel. There is also an integrated starter generator, as is already known from gasoline engines. The diesel comes to 195 kW (265 hp), the e-boost to 15 kW. NOx storage catalytic converter, particle filter and two SCR catalytic converters with separate Adblue injection clean the exhaust gas.

Petrol and diesel from 194 to 367 hp

Initially, the range of engines from E -Class coupé and convertible four- and six-cylinder diesel as well as a power range from 197 to 367 hp (petrol) or 194 to 340 hp (diesel). All engines are turbo charged. The four-cylinder petrol engines have 10 kW of electrical assistance, the six-cylinder in the E 450 4Matic 16 kW. All-wheel drive is available for the E220d and E200 at an additional cost. The six cylinder E400d and E450 areEquipped as standard with the 4Matic all-wheel drive. All engines are combined with a modified nine-speed automatic as standard.

435 hp: top model AMG E53 4Matic

The top model with AMG origins has a double-charged in-line six-cylinder: exhaust gas turbocharger and electric compressor increase the power of the three-liter engine to 435 hp and 520 Nm. In addition, an electric motor delivers 16 kW and 250 Nm. The engine is combined with a nine-speed automatic transmission and the variable 4Matic + all-wheel drive.

AMG front with 12 slats

Even the front view with twelve vertical slats makes it a part of the AMG family clear. As with the more civil versions, the headlights are flatter. Newly designed 19-inch wheels with five double spokes are standard. Mercedes-AMG can mount 20-inch wheels for an extra charge. The four round tailpipes in the rear apron are silver chrome - or, as part of the AMG Night Package, which is subject to a surcharge, high-gloss black.

Steering wheel with new technology

Daimler AG
The changes are not limited to a new steering wheel.

The new steering wheel with three double spokes and a flattened rim also has a sensor mat instead of the previous manual torque sensor. If the driver lets go of the steering wheel, a warning message appears after a certain period of time. If he does not react after several warnings, the car will stop itself if necessary. For a surcharge, the steering wheel has two round buttons for controlling the driving programs. The slightly larger gearshift paddles are mounted a little deeper and should be easier to grip.

6-cylinder with double electric boost

The six-cylinder in the E53 pushes in three stages: When starting, the starter generator pushes on while the electric compressor builds up boost pressure. This fills the time until the exhaust gas turbocharger applies pressure. The Coupé comes from the starting block to 100 km /h in 4.4 seconds (convertible: 4.6 seconds). At 250 km /h, an electronic limitation comes into effect as standard.

For a surcharge: 270 km /h limit and drift mode

The E53 runs 270 km /h with the AMG Driver’s Package, which is subject to an extra charge. A new addition to the range is the AMG Dynamic Plus option package, which was previously availableonly existed in the eight-cylinder. The package includes red brake calipers with AMG lettering and a steering wheel with buttons to operate the drive programs - including the race program with drift mode.

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