Mercedes C 450 AMG T-model in the test

Jan Mayor
Mercedes C 450 AMG T-model in the test
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E it's not like that, that the world would lack lavishly motorized cars. However, she was happy to keep a place free for the Mercedes C 450 AMG. Below the C 63, which has up to 510 hp, the small AMG closes the gap to the most powerful civil version of the C-Class, the C 400. Its twin-turbo-charged three-liter V6 mobilizes 34 extra hp thanks to its higher boost pressure and starts balancing from 2,000 /min turbodiesel 520 Nm torque on the crankshaft.

C 450 AMG turns easily and quietly

Accordingly, the Mercedes C 450 AMG jumps out of the starting block, turns up impressively effortlessly, happens after good five seconds the 100 km mark and refrains from loud screaming. While the eight-cylinder in the C 63 trumpeted the neighbors from their sleep already during the morning cold start, its little brother, the Mercedes C 450 AMG, almost always remained correct. But only almost, a click on 'Sport Plus' elicits a wonderfully deep load change bump from the exhaust system and also tightens the chassis.

Precise and sovereign

With its steering knuckles from the C 63, electronically controlled shock absorbers and stiff elastokinematics, the Mercedes C 450 AMG differs most clearly from the series C on the chassis side. The 1.7-ton truck therefore steers in wonderfully jagged and can be circled precisely and easily manageable through curves, from which it braces itself powerfully thanks to the rear-heavy all-wheel drive (33: 67 percent) to tackle the next straight.

Thanks to the smooth but not excessively pointed steering, the Mercedes C 450 AMG also retains its typical Mercedes sovereignty, including high long-distance comfort. In the corresponding damper position, the Light-AMG springs properly, while the seven-speed automatic transmits gear changes smoothly.

Mercedes C 450 AMG with combi body

The spacious combi body also makes it suitable for everyday use Up to 1,510 liters of load volume with the rear seat folded down and comfortable sports seats that hold sideways. With a base price of 61,642 euros, the Mercedes C 450 AMG is a good 7,700 euros above the T-model of the C 400 4Matic, but undercuts the rear-wheel drive C 63 by over 16,000 euros. But it's good that the automotive world still has a place free.


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