Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 as a power two-door

In 2023, Mercedes will launch the CLE, a four-seater two-door model - a little later a powerful version will follow as the Mercedes-AMG CLE 63. After a convertible, a coupé has now also fallen into the Erlkönig trap.

CLE? Yes, Mercedes has decided to significantly streamline model series and body variants - with the S-Class Cabrio, E-Class Cabrio and C-Class Cabrio there were or are three four-seater open-top models in the portfolio, which also make life difficult for each other. So, since the open S-Class is no longer available, future E- and C-Class will merge into one model series. It's called CLE.

Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 with a lot of e-support

The coupe prototype that has now been launched shows, like the convertible previously caught in winter tests, the crowning glory of the series, which borrows the technology from the upcoming C-Class sedan in AMG trim. The bulky name should be Mercedes-AMG CLE 63 S E Performance.

Accordingly, the AMG-CLE is equipped with the two-liter four-cylinder (M139), which is pressurized by an electrically assisted turbocharger fed via the 400-volt sub-board network. The combustion engine delivers 476 hp and 545 Nm. Additional power comes from an electric motor on the rear axle with a peak power of 150 kW and 320 Nm. As with the sedan, the purely electric range should be a modest 13 kilometers. The 6.1 kWh battery can also be charged at the socket - the CLE thus becomes a plug-in hybrid. A new gear automatic transfers power to all four wheels. In addition to the 63 version, there will also be another four-cylinder AMG version at the start, which will then appear as CLE 43 or CLE 53 .

'63 CLE with an aggressive look

Compared to the civilian CLE convertible, the AMG version appears with powerfully flared wheel arches and a significantly lower chassis. The perforated and larger brake discs of the sports brake system can be seen behind the light-alloy wheels. In the series, the model then wears the Panamericana grill and a more aggressive front apron with large air intakes. The rear is also designed specifically for AMG and carries the square dual exhaust tailpipes on the right and left. As usual, various AMG logos are attached to the outside and inside. For the interior, sports leather seats and a sports steering wheel should be available. In addition, the model has all the infotainment and comfort features of the sedan counterpart.


Mercedes turns the C- and E-Class Cabrio into the CLE, but remains true to the strategy of creating two AMG versions from each model. In addition to the CLE 43/53, there is also the CLE 63 with all the insignia that an AMG needs - unfortunately without a V8, but only with four cylinders - but with electronic support. In the CLE 63, 680 hp can be expected.


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