Manhart MH3 GTR: What you can do with an M3

Tuner Manhart is tired of addressing the controversial look of the M3. Instead, the Wuppertal-based company is concentrating on the dynamics of the model.

The downer: The MH3 GTR is strictly limited. Very strict, because there is only one. And the Manhart team wants to have modified the M3 accordingly once. In series, the S58 biturbo in-line six-cylinder in the Competition series has a mere 510 hp and 650 Nm of torque. After the tuning cure, thanks to the additional control unit, the unit generates a whopping 650 hp from the three-liter displacement and applies 800 Nm to the crankshaft. Acoustically, the extra power underlines the stainless steel exhaust system with flap function, which makes a statement to the outside with four 100 millimeter tailpipe trims. The screens are either coated with carbon or coated with ceramic.

Fat wheels for the MH3 GTR

Without TÜV approval for export, Manhart also offers exhaust systems without a particle filter (OPF) and with a 200-cell HJS catalytic converter. In addition, there are OPF/GPF deleters on offer as well as race downpipes without cats or sport downpipes with 300-cell GESI catalytic converters.

Of course, after the Manhart operation, the M3 must also be optimized in terms of driving dynamics. Accordingly, either a coilover kit or a lowering are on offer. The brake system remains untouched, but can be upgraded according to customer requirements. Before that, Manhart installed the “Concave One” rims, which come in 9×20 inches and 10.5×20 inches and have a satin black finish. Alternatively, other colors and an optional golden rim decoration are also possible. The rims are fitted with Michelin tires of sizes 265/30R20 and 295/30R20.

The carbon diffuser, carbon spoiler lip and lateral aero flics at the front also ensure the power look. Modified side skirts and a rear spoiler complete the range. There is also a special foil including silver-grey decorative stripes and lettering. The interior features, among other things, two super-light, full-carbon bucket seats from Recaro.


Tuner Manhart does not take part in the tiresome optics discussion of the M3, but strengthens its inner values. The famous three-liter in-line six-cylinder boosts to up to 650 hp and up to 800 Nm. But the people of Wuppertal can't do without optics chichi. Spoilers, carbon, add-on parts and fat wheels make the model unique - in the truest sense of the word.


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