Lorinser Mercedes E-Class: carbon and performance

Lorinser Mercedes E-Class
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C arbon wherever you look. From the front to the flanks to the rear, the Lorinser designers set visual highlights on the Mercedes E-Class and swap or supplement series components such as front lip, side sill attachments, side mirror covers, rear apron attachment and rear lip for in-house developments with the distinctive fabric structure. The front lip costs 1,290 euros, Lorinser charges 2,490 euros for the use of the rear apron, the side sill parts cost 1,680 euros, the carbon spoiler lip on the trunk lid a further 840 euros and the exterior mirror caps together 790 euros.

Wheel format up , Body down

To match the refreshed look, Lorinser offers a variety of different wheel designs, color variants and sizes. For example, the forged RS11 21-inch alloy wheel comes with 255/30 tires at the front, while 295/25 tires on the rear axle transfer the power of the engine to the road. The wheel set for the front costs 1,990 euros, for the rear a further 2,040 euros are due.n

An additional module for air suspension allows the vehicle height to be lowered or raised individually. From a speed of 50 km /h it is automatically regulated to the normal level again.

75 hp more for the six-cylinder

Of course there is also more steam under the hood. The Mercedes specialist helps the E43 4Matic to achieve an engine output of 476 hp (series: 401 hp). At the same time, the maximum torque increases by 180 Nm to 700 Nm in the engine speed range from 2,800 to 4,300 rpm. A new sports exhaust puts the 6-cylinder in the limelight with a powerful sound. The power upgrade costs 2,800 euros. For the sportier sound, 1,640 euros are required.

The interior of the E-Class can also be upgraded on request. An aluminum pedal set is available from 160 euros, special floor mats cost 210 euros and illuminated door sills cost 510 euros.


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