Lexus ES Facelift: Hears and navigates better

For the 2023 model year, the business sedan is rolling out with upgraded equipment. It gets a new multimedia system and new interior colors.

At the heart of the facelift of the Lexus ES is a new multimedia system with improved voice control and remote access via smartphone. In addition to smartphone integration via Android Auto or wirelessly via Apple CarPlay, the system has cloud-based navigation and optimized voice recognition as standard for the first time You can also control various functions with your voice - from answering calls to operating the audio system and air conditioning to researching on the Internet. The system not only understands 19 European languages, but also natural formulations. Thanks to a new data communication module, the Lexus ES is also connected to the mobile network and the Internet at all times. This also enables remote access to various vehicle functions via an app.

But the refreshed Lexus ES also offers more tangible innovations. In addition to two new cup holders, the revised center console also offers a repositioned charging port outside of the center console storage compartment. Instead of AUX and USB ports, there's also a USB-A port for high-resolution music playback and a USB-C port for device charging. For the interior colors, Pergamon white replaces the previous Lotus white.,

On the drive side, the Lexus ES remains unchanged. the ES 300h, which is only available in Germany, is powered by a 218 hp hybrid drive. Production of the 2023 model year will start in August 2022, with the first vehicle deliveries scheduled for October. Lexus has not yet provided any information on possible price changes.,


Lexus has given the ES a small facelift for model year 2023. The multimedia system has been significantly upgraded, the center console has been redesigned and there is a new white color for the interior.


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