Kia Stinger GT in the test: more travel than speed car

Since the facelift, the four-door sports coupé Kia Stinger has only been available with a turbo V6 and rear-heavy all-wheel drive.

The Koreans are always good for surprises. No, we're not harping on the old brand claim "The Power to Surprise". But while powerful V6 middle-classers are often replaced by bland four-cylinder variants everywhere, Kia throws this engine out with the Stinger facelift. Why? Because in this country 90 percent bought the now 366 hp GT anyway.

So engine on. Wait a minute, we're not in there yet. In fact, the 3.3-liter V6 starts with a press of the hold button on the leather-covered key, which lies in the hand like a TNT remote detonator. its sound? No explosion, just a sonorous six-point beat. But only because Kia forgot the cross for the sports exhaust system (2,599 euros) in the test car. Otherwise, the GT version is fully equipped for 57,900 euros. Okay, you could still order the red paint (920 euros), a sunroof (690 euros) and the dark velor leather interior (490 euros) if you don't want to sit on red nappa. But even then she remains a real snapper.

Especially since not only the price but also the space and quality are right. Yes, that's really not surprising - just as little as the excellent operation with easy-to-read displays as well as direct buttons and controls. But you already know that. What is new is that the touchscreen now measures 26 centimeters diagonally, navigates with online data and shows the last mile on foot via a smartphone app.

Grand tourer, not an athlete

But don't worry, nobody has to walk here. Rather, we let it run now: Sport Plus mode in, ESP off, Launch Control active. Result: zero hundred in five three. The two hundred fall after 20 seconds, and the limiter only kicks in at 270 km/h. Speaking of which: The Stinger can also brake properly with its brakes, although at 35.2 meters it is not outstanding or even suitable for the racetrack.

Sure, the four-door coupe is not a sports car. But when the four-wheel drive is required to perform lateral dynamics, it puts on the seat bolsters and always curves with a rear-biased approach. If you don't overtax the front axle at the entrance to a bend, the Kia will reward you with gentle power slides at the exit. And in drift mode, he unleashes the rear wheels that it just smokes.

But he much prefers the long haul. In comfort mode, the firm adaptive suspension sorts the worst holes out of the asphalt. And so, unsurprisingly, the Stinger drives like a real GT.


The facelifted Stinger is a finely tuned GT with a powerful V6 and variable all-wheel drive - and that at an unbeatable price/fully equipped ratio.


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