Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi in the test

Achim Hartmann
Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi in the test
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S o fresh, as it looks, it is Kia Optima actually not at all. As K5, it has been showing the competition to the competition for two years on its home market of Korea. The Americans also love the cool, stylish five-seater hatchback. Now he comes to Germany and plunges into the middle class shark pond. One of the reasons for the Kia look is wearing black glasses and the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany: Head of design Peter Schreyer, ex-VW and Audi man.

The Kia Optima top model comes with plenty of equipment

Although the Kia Optima hatchback does not have a large hatch: the luggage has to go through a surprisingly small opening into the 505-liter load compartment. There a windy floor mat, luggage-threatening hinge brackets and the uncovered top with exposed loudspeaker are displeasing - savings were made here. So quickly fold down the backrests and enjoy the maxi volume with a loading length of over 1.90 meters. Not only pilots of this size want a larger adjustment range in terms of steering wheel and seats. Even smaller ones sit high on the tightly padded, electrically adjustable, heated and ventilated leather partial seats.

You already guessed it, we are not talking about the 26,990 euro base, but the top model Kia Optima Spirit. For 33,090 euros it rolls on 18-inchers, shows off navigation and eleven-channel sound system, xenon light, reversing camera, parking assistant, keyless entry and cruise control. For just under 1,200 euros there is also a panoramic roof and rear seat heating, six-speed automatic for 1,190 euros and metallic (580 euros). If German surcharge fetishists are still in the foreplay, the configuration number at Kia is already over.

Diesel engine requires speeds

Time for the important things in life, we start. At the push of a button, the diesel of the Kia Optima wakes up: 1.7 liters, 136 hp and an honest diesel, a bit naily with a bitter metallic undertone. The only alternative would be a two-liter gasoline engine, which will follow in July. So now the Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi and its six-speed machine have to run. An old-school torque converter transmission that starts smoothly, smooths level changes gently, but does not always adjust the speed proportionally to the accelerator pedal position.

There is a maximum of 325 Newton meters to manage, which are available from 2,000 rpm. TheAccession is similar to that of the two-liter competition, but requires higher speeds. There is also room for improvement in terms of vibrations and acoustics, the Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi is always acoustically present and vibrates quite robustly when stationary. A start-stop system cannot help, it is only available for the handset.

Anyway, once in motion, the Kia Optima laces calmly across the country. Its electromechanical steering works with satisfactory precision and power assistance, biting back nervous bitches as well as paralyzing indolence - inconspicuous in the best sense of the word. Maneuvering and maneuvering in tight spaces work without any problems, and those who are afraid are supported by a reversing camera and self-steering parking aid. The coupé shape stands in the way of an optimal view to the rear, but the sedan is in good company in its class.

Kia Optima offers comfort and driving pleasure

This also applies to the suspension settings . Despite the 18-inch wheels, the Kia Optima rolls off properly, tends to cushion and dampen short and long bumps without causing excessive damage to its occupants. Clearly, unlike its predecessors, the Kia can be fun to drive, look for bends and follow the course with precision. Lateral dynamics, however, quickly get to do with the rigorous ESP that boss plays, stubbornly brakes and only lets go after a while. Boss also plays the lane departure warning with noticeable steering interventions.

Otherwise, the Kia Optima prefers to offer its driver the chief job, turning all the fittings and controls to him. Clearly labeled, adorned with delicate chrome trim and partly surrounded by synthetic leather covering. Only the buttons to the left of the steering wheel are difficult to see, and they could all shine a little more strongly at night.

Speaking of shine: It's great that the Kia Optima Spirit has xenon light as standard, and it would be even better if it were more carefully tuned streaky radiating system. The halogen high beam is too close and thus gives away range. More effective: the cornering light. The round instruments with clear scaling and high-resolution color on-board computer display also shine brightly. Others could take an example from the infotainment system's touch screen: good resolution, clear structure - great.

Average consumption of less than eight L /100 km

Also convincing are the individually shaped, in the test car even heated upholstery in the rear, whose seatbelt buckles however cunningly disappear - annoying when attaching child seats. Except for the headroom, which is limited due to the panorama roof, among other things, you can enjoy an airy feeling of space with plenty of legroom and almost free access. In addition, there is a travel-friendly range as a product of a 70-liter tank and an average consumption of 7.9 L /100 km.

It's exciting to see ifThese features - including a seven-year guarantee - are enough for the Kia Optima to bite through the mid-range shark tank.


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