Jidu Robo-01 and Robo-02: search engine electric cars

The electric car start-up Jidu, which belongs to the Chinese search engine group Baidu, presented two electric models at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

The Chinese tech giant Baidu and the car manufacturer Geely had joined forces to build premium electric cars under the Jidu label. In 2021, Geely withdrew to a position as a pure production partner. The first two models, the Robo-01 and the Robo-02, were presented at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Limousine and crossover

The Robo-01 is a sporty crossover SUV, while the Robo-02 represents the classic hatchback limousine segment. Under both bodies sits the SEA platform developed by Geely, which is equipped with a 100 kWh battery in the Jidu models and thus promises ranges of up to 600 kilometers according to the Chinese cycle. ,

While hardly any further data is known about the Robo-02, the 4.85 meter long, 1.99 meter wide and 1.61 meter high Robo-01 relies on two electric motors, which together bring 400 kW to the start and the all-wheel drive vehicle accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. With a wheelbase of three meters, it offers space for five passengers. The trunk can be expanded from 555 to 1,528 liters. In addition, the Robo-01 should have various autonomous driving functions. A price for the basic version is not yet known, the extensively equipped starter variant Lunar Edition is offered in China from the equivalent of around 53,400 euros.

The Robo-02 comes without door handles. The portals are opened via Bluetooth or voice control. In addition, Baidu's ANP 3.0 platform gives the Robo-02 various autonomous driving functions. The drive technology should largely correspond to that of the Robo-01.

Both models are scheduled to be launched in China in 2023. They are built by Geely. ,


The Chinese search engine giant Baidu is entering the electric car business through its subsidiary Jidu. The drive technology comes from partner Geely. The crossover SUV Robo-01 and the hatchback sedan Robo-02 are scheduled to be launched in China in 2023.


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